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Flooding concerns in Brooksville

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The area around where Croom meets US-41 in Brooksville tends to flood when it rains. There are roads in the Clover Leaf Farms Community that are covered by water. Kitty-corner at Lakeside Mobile Manor the lake approaches the mobile homes after a good rain. In between these two developments sits the Milk-A-Way Farms property. Much of the land is currently wet and some is within an A / E flood zone.

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If the property is properly developed it may alleviate many of these flooding issues. However, if flooding is not properly accounted for issues could be exacerbated.

One of the issues is that the area around the potential Milk-A-Way Farms development has clay soil so much of the water winds up running off rather than being absorbed into the ground.

When the lake on the Lakeside Mobile Manor property begins to approach the mobile homes, the water flows through a culvert under 41 to the Milk-A-Way property.  

Water drains to this low lying area from many of the uphill properties towards downtown Brooksville.

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Milk-A-Way Farms is a 440 acre property. The current plan is to build up to 999 dwelling units and 50,000 square feet of non-residential floor space. This development will affect the surrounding area by bringing shopping, residents, adding students to the schools, and changing flood dynamics.


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