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Tech Talk: Chrome Will Begin Marking http Sites Not Secure July 24

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Chrome will begin marking sites not secure with the release of Chrome 68 on July 24. This is a major change that is causing many website owners problems trying to figure out how to add https to their websites. Websites can either be http or if they add a secure (SSL) certificate they can be https. If the website is https all communications between the website and the user are encrypted.

Until recently the only time you would be warned that you had an insecure connection (http) was when you were sending data to a web server via a form. This is because any field on that form be it a credit card or password is sent across the network without being encrypted it can be intercepted via a sniffer. This is a risk.

The new warning is to help you prevent man in the middle attacks. A man in the middle attack is when someone gets between a website and the user. The attacker intercepts the call from the user and then behind the scenes contacts the website and replaces any part of the site they want. To the user it appears as if the webpage came directly from the site they were trying to contact. If someone did this with hernandosun.com, they could change the article to add or remove a paragraph from an article.

More likely it would be used to show false data on an official government site or to convince you to call a number that is fake. Since you found it on the government site you may trust the people you talk to on the phone including giving them personal information.

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Now that most sites are going to the https, you will have a greater assurance the data you are receiving is actually coming from the site from which you requested it. All of your interactions with a site will be encrypted to hide them from prying eyes and it will be more difficult to perform a man in the middle attack.

This does not mean that you are safe. Someone can still get a cert that looks to be for a domain similar to yours. You will still need to exercise caution while browsing the web, but most sites supporting https should help you be a little safer.

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