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Oct. 9, 2018 Hernando BOCC Meeting Run Down Part 2

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Update Regarding Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
William Burnham presented the SBDC end-of-year report.  The reports from the SBDC are given quarterly.
Burnham reported that the SBDC provided over 400 hours of no-cost consulting to 66 entrepreneurs in Hernando County.  38 of those were already established as businesses in the county.  Another 200 hours of support were provided from the Tampa office, for specialized cases, such as businesses that want to obtain government contracts.  
80% of activities the SBDC helps business owners with is market growth estimates, financial management, and capital access. According to Burnham, SBDC clients found approximately $500,000 in financing over 2018, with a majority of funding coming from the Bridge Loan program, and other loans to assist small business owners in the wake of Hurricane Irma. 
Highlights of specific businesses that the SBDC has assisted this year include a local e-commerce owner who sought help with her website and social media advertising, a new coffee shop owner, a sherbet manufacturing upstart, and a manufacturing business that was purchased by a new owner last year right before Irma. 
Burnham keeps track of the types of new businesses opening in the county.  Top business types in 2018 have been food-related, medical-related and entertainment-related, followed by automobile repair shops. 


Presentation Regarding American Aviation Flight Academy Operations and Initiatives
Joseph Puglia, Chief Pilot for American Aviation Flight Academy spoke about his conversation with Pasco-Hernando State College Vice President Bert Harris nineteen years ago, about starting an aviation program for PHSC students.  American Aviation now provides the practical flight training for the students. 
Puglia came from New York City’s Police Department (NYPD) where he was a helicopter pilot, and later flew for United Airlines.  Joining Puglia at the meeting were 12 international students, receiving training to be private and commercial pilots. 
Puglia reported positive job growth in aviation over coming years, and came to the board to request assistance for scholarships and funding for certifications and licensure.  BOCC Chairman Steve Champion asked about local students, of which there are approximately 30, 24 of which are PHSC students.  
Commissioner John Allocco mentioned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University being a growth-driver for Daytona Beach.  He asked how the county commission fits in to increase the scope of the local aviation program.  “It could be a major economic boost to this community.”  Puglia believes that PHSC can be competitive with Embry-Riddle.
It’s estimated that the cost per student for practical flight training is approximately $10,000. County Administrator Len Sossamon will follow up with appropriate boards and commissions to raise funds for these scholarships.   


1.    Modification of Mortgage for Politimi Papanikolaou Through Homeownership Down Payment Assistance Program
2.    Notification of Properties Placed on List of Lands Available for Taxes and Available for Purchase by County
3.    Transmittal of List of Accounts Payable Disbursements for Weeks Ended September 21, 2018, and September 28, 2018
4.    Various Code Enforcement Public Nuisance Abatement Special Assessment Liens
5.    Approval of Minutes for Budget Meeting September 18, 2018

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No items were added or pulled from the Consent Agenda.  Unanimously approved.




1.   Rezoning Petition 
Submitted by Ryan and Jake, LLC (H1821)

The rezoning requested is a change from a Planned Development Project – Single Family designation to Planned Development Project – Office / Professional.  The subject property is located on the eastbound side of Spring Hill Drive 300 feet east of Whitewood Avenue, directly east of Fire Station #3.  No questions were asked by the board, and no one from the public commented.  Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) voted 5-0 to approve the request, as did the BOCC. 

2.  Master Plan Petition Submitted by D.R. Horton, Inc. (H1822)

This request is to establish a master plan on the property located at the southern terminus of Sterling Hills Blvd.  Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) recommended approval with numerous performance conditions, which includes increased buffer zones and a gated access road entering from the south side of the property.  
Several members of the public spoke to the board about the southern access road on Angela Road, and its impact on their neighborhoods.  
Commissioner John Allocco motioned to approve with a 30-foot buffer zone on the south and east sides.  The board approved the petition with performance improvements. 

3.  Rezoning Petition Submitted by Robert Eaton (H1824)

This request is for rezoning of planned development project general highway commercial  to  project general commercial, with a specific C2 use and outdoor storage.   This property is located on the north side (westbound) side of Spring Hill Drive, approximately 380 feet southwest of Linden Drive.  It’s an empty lot next door to the Philly Cheesesteak II, which was converted into a restaurant from a car wash some time ago. 
The petitioner is planning a 5-bay automotive repair shop.  They are planning to use container storage on the property on a permanent basis, which is the basis for the rezoning. 
After discussion of the size and orientation of the containers, the board unanimously approved the rezoning petition with the condition of an added 8-foot tall, opaque fence between the containers and homes. 


4.  Petition Submitted by Ann Marie Mytnik to Vacate Drainage and Utility Easements Located in Royal Highlands

The homeowner wishes to vacate the drainage and utility easements that divide two lots, so that a building can be erected in the center of the two lots.   With no objection from any county department or public, the board unanimously approved the vacation of the easements. 



5.  Ordinance Amending Unsafe Building Abatement Code Pertaining to Nuisances Created by Unsafe Structures Within Waterways

Deputy Attorney Jon Jouben presented the language of the ordinance. Commissioner John Allocco questioned why a new ordinance is necessary, since ordinances are already in place to cite homeowners for unsafe or nuisance structures.  The short answer is that since the state owns the land underneath the water and seawall, an ordinance amendment is required. 
The amendment will allow the county to enforce repair of unsafe structures currently enforceable by the Army Corps of Engineers. The ordinance will allow either the BOCC or the Army Corps to enforce. 
Commissioner Jeff Holcomb asked if, in the case of a relatively expensive repair, if an appeals mechanism is in place to extend the time for repair so hardship isn’t experienced by the owner. Jouben, Champion and Attorney Garth Coller were in agreement that as long as an owner is working with the county to take steps to make repairs, the county will work with the owner. 
Jim Dendy of Hernando Beach asked if the ordinance will apply to floating docks.  Jouben stated that floating docks are not covered by the ordinance in place, and that the amendment will not pertain to them. 
David Rupp, who lives on the Weeki Wachee river, asked about a vacant lot where the seawall “has been falling over for the last six years.”  Rupp reported that the problem is creating a situation where his property is being affected by sinking of slabs and cracks inside the house.  Faced with tens-of-thousands in dollars in repairs,  Rupp stated he’s contacted the owner of the damaged seawall by mail, who allegedly refuses to remedy the problem
The amendment to the ordinance was approved unanimously via a roll-call vote.  


Ordinance Creating Animal Services Department Feline Trap-Neuter- Return Program

The approval of the ordinance actually puts the program in motion.  BOCC Chairman Steve Champion asked why there was a delay in bringing the ordinance for the vote.  Terry reported that there was a problem with the language in the ordinance that needed to be worked out so safeguards wouldn’t get in the way of the program.  
Commissioner Allocco still had reservations regarding the success of the program in urban areas such as Gainesville, and how successful the program will be in rural areas.  Chairman Champion countered that the program is the best effort to control the feral feline population as opposed to doing nothing.  
Animal Services Manager Terry answered by saying the results will need to be reviewed, perhaps five years from now to determine if it’s successful.  Terry went on to say that in the first few years, an increase in the number of cats serviced will increase every year while the public learns more about the program, and are more comfortable using it, rather than worry that cats will be euthanized.
Commissioner John Mitten proposed adding a ‘Sunset Clause’ which will limit what may or may not be an effective ordinance. 
Champion asked if there was a provision for nuisance cats, who have already been trapped, neutered and realized — that if they pose a threat to a homeowners’ animals, if they can be removed.  Such language does exist in the ordinance. 
The board voted carried 4-1 via roll-call vote to approve the ordinance, with the condition that the sunset date is November 1, 2023. Commissioner John Allocco voted against the ordinance.


Petition Submitted by Spring Hill Villas, LLC, for Hardship Relief From Subdivision Regulations

Due to financing requirements by their lending institution, the petitioner requests that the property is able to be divided into two parts, separating the developed and undeveloped areas.   BOCC Chairman Steve Champion summarized, saying that the lending institution only cares about it’s investment (in the future buildings of the undeveloped area) and does not want to be responsible for the area already developed.

The petition was approved unanimously.


First Amendment to Contract With Medicus Forensics, P.A., for Medical Examiner Services

This renews the contract with Medicus Forensics for 5 years, with an automatic 5-year renewal as long as service remains satisfactory.


1. Ground Lease Agreement With Frigitek Industrial Parks for Property Located on Telecom Drive in Corporate Air Park

The company will be constructing a 200,000 square foot cold storage facility.  The agreement calls for a standard 30 year term, with two ten-year renewals.  A non-standard portion of a ‘right of first refusal’ of 45 days exists on the first 20-acres adjacent.  The approval gets the company started on financing for the project.    The board approved unanimously. 

2.  T-Hangar Agreement With Joe Horvath for Hangar No. Dome 3 at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport

This is a 12-month lease of the hangar for a small experimental aircraft.  The lease will increase the airport revenue by $3,343.44.  Approved 5-0.


Approve Ranking Order and Negotiation of Contract With HDR Engineering, Inc., for Engineering Services for Landfill Cell 4 Expansion Project (RFQ No. 18-R00129/PH)

Approved 5-0

Award of Contract No. 18-C00135/BH to Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc., for Rainbow Woods Resurfacing Project (Cost: $305,147.10)

Approved 5-0

Award of Contract No. 18-C00150/BH to Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc., for White Road Paving Municipal Service Benefit Unit Project (Cost: $300,612.65)

Approved 5-0

Award of Contract No. 18-T00022/TPR to DeAngelo Brothers, LLC, d/b/a Aquagenix and Paff Landscape, Inc., for Removal and Disposal of Invasive Plant Species (Estimated Annual Cost: $160,000.00)

Approved 5-0

Award of Contracts No. 18-R00013/PH to Brown and Caldwell, HDR Engineering, Inc., and Locklear & Associates, Inc., for Continuing Engineering Services for Landfill Operations (Estimated Annual Cost: $600,000.00)

Approved 5-0

Final Close-Out of Contract No. 17-CG0006/BH and Change Order No. 5 With Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc., for Good Neighbor Trail Phase IV Local Agency Program Project (Final Payment Amount: $150,642.18)

Approved 5-0

Ratification of Change Order No. 2 to Purchase Order No. 18000815 to DEEB Construction and Development Company for US 19 Reclaimed Water Transmission, Phase I Project (Increase: $93,154.80; Total Cost: $6,748,145.40)

Approved 5-0


Locally Funded Agreement and Three Party Escrow Agreement With Department of Transportation for SR 50 From Windmere Road/Bronson Boulevard to US 98/McKethan Road Project for Drainage Retention Area Construction at Cracker Crossing/Sherman Hills Boulevard Project (FPN: 416732-4-52-01)

Approved 5-0


Request Submitted by Rotary Club of Spring Hill for Waiver of Fees Associated With 2018 Nature Coast Seafood Festival at Linda Pedersen Park on November 3, 2018

Approved 5-0 with amendments

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