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Viral report of pork chop attack

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The arrest of a “Brooksville Woman” Jennifer Brassard made news last week. She was charged with Domestic Battery for throwing a frozen pork chop at her boyfriend during a verbal argument causing a ½ inch laceration below his left eye.

The story was carried on a number of national news sites including Newsweek, Fox News, and the Smoking Gun as well as international news sites from Canada and Cuba. The Smoking Gun story even made the front page of the most widely read online news aggregator, the Drudge Report.

Jennifer is often referred to as a “Brooksville Florida Woman” in the stories. Although her address is listed as 20210 Shetland Ln, Brooksville, FL in the arrest report, the address corresponds to a location 5 miles south of Hernando County in Pasco.  The actual address is: 20210 Shetland Ln; Spring Hill, FL 34610.

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Channel 8 WFLA reported that the attack “happened Friday night in Brooksville.” Channel 8’s article is entitled “Brooksville woman arrested for throwing frozen pork chop at boyfriend.” Channel 8 did list the article under Pasco News.

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