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Hernando Kids Compete in Nature Coast Taekwondo Championship.

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Local Hernando County students from Taekwondo America and Warriors Martial Arts competed in the 2019 Nature Coast Taekwondo Championship at Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School in Spring Hill on Saturday, February 15.

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Martial art students had trained for months to prepare for this event by focusing on their forms, kicking, balance and performance.

“Not every kid is that football, baseball kid and not everyone has that confidence,” Master William Schook of Warriors Martial Arts said. “So this sport here really kind of helps them develop that sort of thing and gives them an outlet.”

For many, competition even at the young age of 5 to the eldest of adults, can be stressful and this is a mental sport and even more a self-disciplined sport.

“Martial arts is all based around honor, respect, and discipline,” Master Brian Schneider of Taekwondo America said. “There is no better way to reach out to the modern day youth to build that faith and that confidence to form them into young adults.”

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Warriors Martial Arts competitors, Springstead Sophomore Emily Plantikow 16, Nature Coast Tech Freshman Darby Turlei 15,  and Homeschool student Caila Hill commented on how Taekwondo builds physical and mental strength.

“Finding new limits, Caila said. “You are always pushing yourself a little harder the next time to do better.”

“It’s really rewarding after you have been on the mat,”  said Emily Plantikow.

“If you get injured you learn to bounce back from that injury,” Darby Turlei remarked. “You are learning to be above that- to keep going.”

Patrick Bingham who competes in the 8-9-year-old yellow belt bracket represented Taekwondo America. He took bronze in forms and gold in sparring.

For more information visit their websites below

Spring Hill: https://www.facebook.com/WMASpringHill/

Brooksville: http://taekwondoamerica.info/

Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein has over 35 years experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with neurologically impaired adults. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of South Florida in Speech Pathology. Leslie specializes in caring for individuals who have been effected by multiple medical conditions both acute and degenerative. Populations she cares for includes, but is not limited to, patients suffering from the symptoms of Stroke, Parkinsons, Alzheimers/Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS which can adversely affect communication, cognition and swallow. Many years of experience has provided her with extensive knowledge and skills when developing individualized therapeutic techniques to help these patients return to their prior level of functioning or improving the quality of their life.
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