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Spring Hill
Saturday, May 27, 2023


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• Deputies responded to:
o Marine Incident – 3252 Gulfwinds Circle/Hernando Beach – Two Males (both 16YOA) took paddleboards out into the Gulf – They got stranded when the tide went out – Deputies were able to guide them back in as the tide came back in.
o Narcotics Complaint – 5244 Roble Avenue/Spring Hill – Female seen running naked in the street – Deputies and Fire/Rescue caught up with her at her house and also located a baggie of methamphetamine – Arrest/Female.
o Domestic Battery – Oaks Mobile Home Park/626 Broad Street/Brooksville – Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Suspect (boyfriend) located at the Oaks Motel – Arrested on Warrants from Pasco County.
o Suspicious Incident – 17440 Tavern Road/Brooksville – Male in late teens seen holding a cat by the feet/cat screaming – Male was possibly observed making a “cutting” motion – Cat found to have wounds – Cat take by HCSO Animal Services Officer to a vet – Active investigation.
o Traffic Stop – Jayson Road/Webster Street – Driver had expired D/L since 2011 – K-9 alerted on vehicle – Meth and marijuana located in vehicle – Arrest x2.
o Construction Burglary – Seaway Drive/Brooksville – Active.

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• Schools:
o Pinegrove Elementary – Male/10YOA made statements about bringing gun to school – Stated it was an April fool’s joke – No credible threat.
o Suncoast Elementary – Students involved in verbal altercation – Male/10YOA made statements about bringing a gun to school – No credible threat.
o Parrott Middle – Baker Act x2 – Both Female/Both 13YOA.
o Chocochatti Elementary – Battery on a school bus – 9YOA and 11YOA.
o Endeavor – Battery – Two males – 18YOA and 16YOA – Arrest/18YOA.

• Miscellaneous:
o N/A
• Total # of inmates housed in the Hernando County Detention Center – 679
o Number of Federal Inmates (included in total) – 60
o Number of Pasco County Inmates (included in total) – 58
o Number of inmates housed in Medical Unit (included in total) – 11
o Number of Juvenile Inmates –0
o Active Hospital Posts – 0
• Number of inmates transported to COURT:
o First Appearance (no transport required) – 8
o County Misdemeanor Court – 3
o Circuit Felony Court- 12
o Drug/Mental Health/Veterans Court – 6.
• Booking Data (previous 24 hours or previous weekend):
o Number of inmates Booked In – 21
o Number of inmates Booked Out (Released) – 21.

Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein
Leslie Stein has over 35 years experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with neurologically impaired adults. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of South Florida in Speech Pathology.
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