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Local dentists retiring

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Statement from Dr. Augustiniak and Dr. Lu of Spring Hill Dental Associates regarding their retirement:

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To All Our Patients:

We would like to thank you for your trust and confidence in allowing us to serve as your dentist  throughout the years.

For all of us however, life is filled with changes.  The time has come for a change in our lives.  It is with both happiness and regret that we announce our transition from active practice to retirement.  We will officially retire on May 28, 2019.  

With this change, we want to extend to you the same trust and confidence you have placed in us by insuring that you continue to have available the best dental care that you have come to expect.  

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Dr Jason Ledger will be the new owner of Spring Hill Dental Associates.  The rest of the team will continue to work with Dr Ledger, including your hygienist’s Nancy and Julie.  


Dr Edward Augustyniak and Dr Paul Lu 

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