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Attempted robbery of off duty Hernando Sheriff’s deputies, not successful

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Two Hernando County sheriff’s deputies traveled to a Wildwood residence, expecting to purchase jet skis for sale through an online advertisement, but instead found themselves at gunpoint.  The Daily Commercial reports that the off duty sheriff’s deputies (in civilian clothes) were met by 19 year old Terrance Jones Jr. who pulled out a gun in an attempt to rob them.  The deputies identified themselves and pulled their guns. Jones fired at them.  The deputies responded, firing back at Jones who was shot in the leg.  Jones fled the scene, but was quickly caught by Sumter County deputies.  It is reported that Jones wasn’t acting alone and another suspect was seen running from the scene.  The homeowner stated in the arrest affidavit that he never placed jet skis for sale.  Hernando County Public Information Officer Denise Moloney stated the sheriff’s deputies wish to protect their identities under Marsy’s Law.  Jones was charged with two counts of armed robbery and assault, one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and violation of probation.

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