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Matters at the Hernando BOCC meeting Aug. 13, 2019

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People Matter

Presentation of Plaque in Memory of Utilities Department Employee Laverne “Verne” Dennison

Verne’s career began in 1986, when gas was $0.86 per gallon, and Ronald Regan was president.  His family was present to receive the honor.

Parks Matter

Notice of Acceptance From US Department of Treasury of RESTORE Act Direct Component Multi-Year Implementation Plan Amendment

This is regarding reimbursement from the 2010 BP oil spill.   County Administrator Jeff Rogers reported that with these funds, the boardwalk at Linda Pedersen Park will be replaced within the next year.

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Commissioner Wayne Dukes gave a brief history of the nine-year journey since the Event Horizon accident.  “There were five states affected around the Gulf of Mexico.  Four of the states, not counting Florida … the governors said, ‘I’ll deal with it.’  At that time, Governor (Rick) Scott says, ‘No, I want a representative from every county that was affected because they know what they need.’”  The final decision was to disburse the reimbursement over fifteen years. 

Dukes has been on the committee dealing with the BP oil funds since 2012.

Development Matters

1. Comprehensive Plan Amendment Submitted by Stardust Ranch, LLC (CPAM1901)

The amendment removes the Stardust Ranches LLC Project from the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  Location of the project is north side of Parsons Road and east of Citrus Way. The development allowed for up to 0.425 dwelling units per acre clustered on a maximum of 217.5 acres of a 435 acre site and included several criteria.

The proposed amendment removes Stardust Ranches, LLC from the Rural Cluster Overlay, allowing for the petitioner to subdivide the property into 10+ acre parcels consistent with the Countryside Community in the Hernando County Comprehensive Plan.

The board approved 5-0.

2. Rezoning Petition Submitted by Stardust Ranch, LLC; Fred Gregg, Manager (H1815)

The board approved 5-0 to rezone the 243+ acre site from Mining to Agricultural.  The general location is North of Parsons Road, approximately 2,200′ east of Citrus Way and is currently used for hay and pasture.

3. Rezoning Petition Submitted by Anthony D. Loffler (H1925)

The board approved 5-0 to rezone from Agricultural to General Commercial (C-1).  The property is 6.4 acres on the west side of Commercial Way, approximately 1,350ˈ north of Long Lake Avenue.  The petitioner would like to build a nonprofit facility for

Animalade Inc. and to also include the location of its thrift store “Thrifty Dog Thrift Store”. This will be a volunteer based facility with operating hours of Monday through Saturday from 09:30 to 16:00 hours. An estimate of 4 acres is what will be needed to initiate the plan.  They would like to construct a 9000 square foot warehouse to include loading docks, as well as office spaces. They estimate the need for at least 40 parking spaces. 

4. Master Plan Revision Petition Submitted by HCA Health Services of Florida, Inc. (H1922).

The board approved 5-0 to revise the master plan originally submitted on Sept. 13, 2011, with several unmodified performance conditions. Revisions include the addition of parcels to the master plan, updates existing intensity and maximum building height. One of the performance conditions limits the maximum square footage of the hospital campus to 1,334,330 square

feet.  Other requirements include the construction of a bus pullout, concrete pad and shelter as well as a frontage road.  The maximum height for any structure is set at 100 feet.

5. Master Plan Revision Petition Submitted by Deed Street Project, LLC (H1920).

The master plan revision proposes 81 single family residential lots on the 20.84 acre property located at the northeast portion of Seven Hills. 

The board approved 5-0 with several unmodified performance conditions.

6. Master Plan Petition Submitted by Acorn to Oaktree Investments, LLC (H1921)

The petition proposes a development of 90 large lots on a 40 acre property adjacent to Silverthorn and the Suncoast Parkway (west of and adjacent to Jumper Loop). The board approved 5-0 with several unmodified performance conditions. 

7. Master Plan Revision Petition Submitted by Father Sons and Daughters, LLC; Christ Charity for Kids, Inc.; Father Hamm’sCare for Kids, LLC; Mikhail Vykhopen; and Hernando Health Care Properties, LLC (H1916). 

The application adds parcels to the Cortez Oaks project and does not request an increase in the present overall residential, commercial and office entitlements for Cortez Oaks, even with the expanded property.

The Cortez Oaks project consists of 375.9 acres west of Oak Hill Hospital on the north side of Cortez Boulevard.

The board approved 5-0.

8. Petition Submitted by Mark D. Storer and Theresa Nickinello to Vacate Easements Located in Tooke Lake Estates.

The board approved 5-0.

Transportation Matters

See the full-length article:

Board Directives Matter

County Administrator Jeff Rogers reported that a Request for Proposal (RFP) is expected later in the week to consider to contract a realtor to Review and sell properties that are a surplus (Item 1).   

Rogers joked that he’s waiting on the Deputy County Administrator to free some of his time to work on the Strategic Plan review and tiered priorities establishment (Item 2).

He expects to know more about Economic Incentives (Item 3) in upcoming meetings. 

Contracts Matter

The following were approved unanimously without further discussion.  Commissioner John Allocco added that he had noticed the remediation of several potholes in the area and thanked the Public Works Department.

County Administrator Jeff Rogers added that Public Works will be purchasing new trucks for tree trimming in the near future. 

Award of Contract to ICF Incorporated, LLC; Hagerty Consulting, Inc.; and Witt O’Brien’s, LLC, for Emergency Planning and Grant Program Management Services (Contract No. 19-TF0096/CH)

Award of Contract to Jarraff Industries, Inc., for Purchase of Tree Trimming Machine and Trailer for Department of Public Works (Contract No. 19-B000138/DK; Amount:  $159,977.00)

Final Close-Out of Contract and Change OrderNo. 4 With Kamminga and Roodvoets, Inc., for Palm Creek Culvert Replacement Project (Contract No. 18-C00115/BH; Amount: $33,021.29)

Final Close-Out of Contract andChange Order No. 6 With A.C. Schultes of Florida, Inc., for Installation of Two Wells at Southwest Water Treatment Facility (Contract No. 18-C00063/BH; Amount $70,560.20)

Real Estate Matters

Declaration of County-Owned Property Located on Gulf Winds Circle in Hernando Beach as Surplus Property and Consideration of Unsolicited Purchase Offer Submitted by Terry A. and Amelia M. Martin.

An “as-is” purchase/sale agreement for the triangular 615 square foot property was signed by the Martins and BOCC chairman Jeff Holcomb.  The Martins who live adjacent to the property will purchase it for the appraised value as determined by the Hernando County Property Appraiser’s Office minus the cost of the Seawall replacement for this section of the seawall which is $11,850.00, plus documentary stamp taxes and recording fees payable in cash, certified check, cashier’s check or money order by the Buyer to the Seller.

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