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FBI agent, sheriff’s deputy address “Business Email Compromise” at PHSC Spring Hill campus

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Criminals are constantly looking for ways to steal or extort money. Online is no exception, so you have to maintain your vigilance. The Greater Hernando Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Committee and PHSC teamed up to bring FBI agent Andrew Sekela to speak about email attacks he is observing. The Sheriff’s office provided an overview of what they are seeing locally.

The event was put on by the Hernando Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee, PHSC and Wilson Technologies. 
The event focused on the various ways businesses are being attacked via email. 

When business email is compromised, it is usually hard to tell as the perpetrator has very specific information to your business like real client names. Posing as a client, the perpetrator will attempt to change the banking information for that client such as wire transfer information. 

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Cyber security training is a common occurrence at most medium or large business. The companies that provide cyber insurance generally require training and if they do not, they require a business to take due care.  Not providing training to your employees could invalidate any protection.

In addition to the risks of being defrauded or having to pay a ransomware operator to regain access to your data, there are potential governmental fines. If data is taken that is health related there are significant fines that can be levied. Also if it is PII or credit card information there may also be additional liability.

Attending cyber security training can help you protect yourself or your business. This could prevent having to pay a ransom or paying an invalid invoice. Cyber attacks are costing businesses $45 billion a year according to Security Magazine.

The cybersecurity event was free of charge. Helping companies and people maintain vigilance while checking emails is a big business. KnowBe4 a Clearwater company who provides services which lets businesses set up fake phishing attacks and warn the people who fall for them was recently valued at $800 million. 

Be sure to check in with the Hernando County Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee for upcoming seminars pertaining to cybersecurity.  Email Lisa MacNeil, the Technology Committee co-chair at  [email protected] or call 352-600-2925.

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