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Solid win for Lady Eagles basketball team over Central

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Article and Photography by  Mya Genuardi 

SPRING HILL, Fla.- The gym lights shine bright on those who fly, and did they ever for the Eagles at their home game against Central on Nov. 22, 2019. This basketball game put the crowd through a rollercoaster of emotions, found in both teams’ determination and hope for the outcome of the game. First quarter started up and the Eagles quickly took their lead.  With 4 minutes left in the first quarter the bright scoreboard already read Eagles for 10 and Central 0. Is this the beginning of a fast and easy win for the Eagles? Or will the Bears tread on and push their ambition? With 30 seconds left to spare of the first quarter, Central player #32 J. Richard, shoots for the three pointer, makes the point and gets her team hungry for a comeback. The players approach into their second quarter; Springstead at a shocking 20 points and Central with 3. Ready for a show the little but high spirited crowd cheers on their girls as they make their way to the court. Springstead’s defense comes out crazy high with the remarkable team workmanship compared to Central’s chaotic struggle to keep the ball and communication with their teammates. Central player #20 K. Mattison pushes strong with an amazing 3  pointer. Thus, raising her team’s score to 6 and amplifying their confidence. Mattison stated after the game she knows her team could have done better, with players getting more open.  

With two minutes to spare in the second quarter the frustration in the Central Coach rises and the teamwork fades with it. Springstead, refusing to slow down, knocks down every pass Central throws out, stealing the ball and making basket upon basket! The Eagle girls are flying mighty high tonight! Though remaining “humble” as Springstead player #11 Brooklyn Glines states, the girls stay focused and prepared for any chance of their opponents comeback. Leading into the third quarter, the score stands at 35 Springstead and 6 Central. The third quarter starts with obvious frustration on both teams’ faces, Eagles determined to stay on high alert and Bears fueled with disappointment… or is it anger that will give them the power to throw their demise away. Central prepares for their first free throw by player #21 A.Kinney, with the pressure high the Bear misses leaving 2 minutes and 16 seconds of the quarter left with a score of 45 Eagles to 6 Bears. The Eagles move in with some nice free throws and good steals leaving the crowd with out of their seats excitement in the last seconds of the quarter. The Eagles finish out the third quarter with whopping high score of 51, leaving fans to question where Central’s plays lie. The ladies walk into their last quarter prepared for their inevitable outcomes, but will Central play hard and earn a good end to the game?

 The quarter begins, and immediately Springstead player #22 Tallia Russell makes her team a two pointer.  Russell stated that her favorite point of the game was that even in the last quarter her team “put in everything” and “didn’t stop at any point.” As the timer counts down and the end is near, the Central girls lean on their players #32 J. Richard and #20 K. Mattison to feed them a couple more points and a good rise to the end. Although, with only 52 seconds left in the game, Springstead player #11 Brooklyn Glines shows the determination of her team and leaves the score at 63 Springstead and 11 Central. She states at the end of the game that she aims to “keep going harder, and keep the streak alive.” The Lady Eagles soared high tonight on the court and kept the game alive throughout it.

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