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The Magic of Macrame

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Honestly, I had not heard of Macrame. It was not a term I was familiar with. This led to many questions I suddenly had for Patricia Walters, who is a local, Columbian macrame artist who lives here in Hernando County with her husband. She agreed to be interviewed about her fascinating artwork, with my very first question and simplest one for her –  “What is Macrame?”
“Macrame is the beautiful art of knotting cord, or string, in patterns to make decorative pieces like wall hangings, plant hangers, coasters, curtains, and things. Macrame is very therapeutic and has a way to create an escape from the stress which is in all of our lives. Macrame sets my soul free, allows me to be creative, and sparks joy in my heart. It gives me balance in my life, and I believe the pieces reflect that,” she said.
I then wanted to know more about this intriguing art, and asked Patricia “At what age did you discover Macrame?”
“Macrame is a beautiful family tradition that runs in my genes. I discovered macrame when I was around 11 years old. One day, my grandfather was making handmade fish nets on the back patio of my parent’s house, and he taught me how to tie my first knot ever! Now, I know it was a “square knot” which is one of the most common knots to use when making pieces. It was an incredible experience that changed my life forever. Furthermore, I also remember as a little girl my mom making plant hangers and my brother used this amazing technique to make jewelry. I always had an interest designing textile products when I was growing up, but I never found the time to pursue my calling as an artist while working. However, when something is meant to be, there is a pull that sends you in a particular direction. That is exactly what happened in 2018 when I decided to turn my creative dreams into reality.”
Then, I dove deeper into asking her more questions about her artwork:

How many macrame pieces have you created?

I never counted the pieces I made when I was younger. Similar to today, it’s not how many, but how well made each individual piece comes out. Since 2018, I have made a couple hundred macrame pieces ranging from wall hangings, keychains, coasters, plant hangers, etc.

What do you enjoy most about the art of macrame?

I enjoy everything about it! I love shopping for products, designing pieces, measuring and cutting materials, tying hundreds of intricate knots to make art for people’s homes, and of course seeing the beautiful photos that my clients send me of my work. That is priceless!

If someone was interested in learning the skill, what advice would you give them?

During this beautiful journey, I have learned many lessons from the mistakes that I have made, and that is what makes me the artist I am right now.  I keep my skills sharp because every day there is something new to learn, however for someone interested in learning the skills, my advice to them would be:
1.) Don’t be afraid to be creative and believe in yourself. I think as a human we have the power to create amazing things, and be successful in everything we undertake, but just if we are able to believe in ourselves and be persistent in it.
2.) Be patient. The first time trying anything can be difficult, and macrame is no exception. Your knots may not be symmetrical, but don’t worry you’ll get it!
3.) Enjoy every second when making a piece and let the happiness flow through it.

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How many hours per week would you say you find yourself working on macrame art?

Every day is like a new chapter in a book, the possibilities are endless. So I am always working in my studio at home, which is like heaven for me. Or, I’m in my living room with the company of my lovely husband who is my number one fan.
I try to make a balance between being a macrame artist, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I try to keep in touch with everyone and enjoy the time we spend together.

What is your favorite macrame piece that you have created?

It is difficult to choose just one because they are my babies! Each piece has been made with love and care. However, I’ll pick the coasters because of their beautiful pattern, even though they take hours to make. I also like how they are so practical and how they give a special touch to the table. Also, I’ll pick the Wall Hanging “Wanda” because of the size of this piece. Its combination of different patterns makes it unique and special. I have pictures of this piece in its forever home, and it looks amazing.

What are your preferred types of material to use for your macrame?

I love working with eco-friendly materials like: soft cotton rope, wool, yarn and sometimes I use flowers or other natural elements to give some character to the pieces.

Do you have a location/place/event where readers can come see and learn more about the pieces you’ve made?

You can find me on my social media, my online shop, and craft events when I attend them:
Instagram: Pat_macrame; Facebook: Patricia Macrame; Online shop: http://www.patriciamacrame.etsy.com

I love the interaction with the community, so I am always updating my social media and posting pictures or videos about the projects I am working on. Sometimes, I even make tutorial videos for those who want to learn how to make knots!


Lisa MacNeil
Lisa MacNeil
Lisa MacNeil is a reporter for the Hernando Sun as well as a business technology developer, specializing in website development, content management systems, and data analysis.
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