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Weeki Wachee Coach Answers the Call

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Orlando- Patrick Skipper, Weeki Wachee High school cross country and track and field coach, gets a call from a long time friend, Chris Dunn.

Patrick Skipper’s long time friend and Hernando High Alumni, Chris Dunn, reached out to him in need of help, but Patrick didn’t realize it was a call that may help change many people’s lives throughout Florida.

Chris Dunn’s company (disclosure) was activated to help with logistics during this state of emergency, the COVID-19.

“One of his first roles was to find drivers to drive supplies all over the state of Florida. He contacted me to see if I could round up more drivers,” said Patrick Skipper.

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Patrick rounded up Rodney Byrd – Hernando High Golf Coach, Eddie Looper- Owner of Looper Sports, Rob Kazmier – Hernando High Football Coach, Mark Griffith- Hernando High Weightlifting Coach, Lorenzo Fields – Hernando High Assistant Principal, Mark Lee- Hernando High Athletic Director, Shane Tarbox- Weeki Wachee Soccer Coach, Chris Clifford Asst. Principal at Central High and Weeki Wachee Principal Troy Labarbara.

“We are doing a part that can help, I think the key term is to flatten the curve,” Skipper said.

“This is completely different from what we are used to; this is a different type of storm.”

As the Army National Guard delivered supplies to a staging location in Orlando, supplies were well-organized and trucks loaded for distribution.

Since Monday, March 16, these men have traveled to different county health departments throughout the state of Florida. 

“The opportunity arose to be able to help everyone out in the time of need,” Rob Kazimer said. 

“We’re out trying to be part of the solution to help people prepare and make sure the supplies are where they are needed.”

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