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Arrest: He logged a few charges.

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YOB: 1990

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Arrested at: 04/07/2020 14:30 WHITEWAY DR, BROOKSVILLE, FL, 34601

Arrest Summary: On 0410712020, the defendant, Michael Thomas O’Neal Cornell, responded to 506 North Avenue within the city limits of Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida, where he made contact with the victim who Is the owner of the home. The defendant and victim became engaged in a verbal altercation just outside of the residence, still on the property. The defendant and victim then became engaged in a physical altercation on the property. While they were fighting, the defendant retrieved a wooden log from a pile of wood and struck the victim in the face with the log, causing a laceration to his face. The victim then threw the wood down after doing that. This occurred against the victim’s will. 

The victim then ran into the residence through the front door looking for someone else. While Inside, the defendant entered into the master bedroom of the home, shut the door, and then overturned a television stand behind the door in an attempt to barricade it. While doing so, damage was done to the stand. The defendant then opened up a window in the bedroom, climbed out of it and began running.

While he was running, the defendant was seen by Deputy Christopher M, who gave the defendant multiple verbal commands of “Hernando County Sheriff’s Office stop!” while running after the defendant. The defendant ran into the woods behind the house and hid deeply. The defendant was eventually found hours later In the woods and taken into custody.
The defendant was then transported to the District 1 Office to be Interviewed in this case. Post Miranda, the defendant admitted to getting into the altercation with the victim and admitted to striking him with the log. The defendant then admitted to gaining entry into the home and climbing out of the window. The defendant admitted to fleeing from the deputies on foot in an attempt to evade capture and stated that he clearly heard the deputy’s commands to stop.

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The defendant was then placed under arrest and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident where he is being held on a $26,000 bond, per the bond schedule. The defendant was issued a court date of 05/08/2020 in courtroom E of the Hernando County Courthouse at 0830 hours.

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