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2020 Graduates Have Seen the Future

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By Rocco Maglio

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The Hernando Sun would like to take a moment to congratulate the 2020 graduates.  Although you have missed out on many senior year opportunities, you have gained a unique life experience.  One advantage to this experience is an immersion in working remotely. Many colleges and businesses have been slowly moving this way for years, but in 2020 a switch was flipped due to circumstances beyond our control and almost instantly everything was remote.  This will be an invaluable experience for your future careers.

Businesses and colleges can realize cost savings by having a smaller physical presence and a larger online one. The online presence can be seen as a competitive advantage, since a segment of the population prefers to accomplish tasks online at least a portion of the time. Online presences are less expensive since they avoid the expense of buildings which come with utility and maintenance costs.

The ability to be self motivated and use technology are going to be necessary skills for many of the future jobs. Companies are discovering that a remote workforce offers numerous advantages and helps significantly with disaster recovery. 

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It used to be that many businesses would need to be located near large cities in order to find many workers with different specific skill sets.  A large pool of potential employees was a prerequisite in order for these companies to choose a location. With remote employees, a company can have access to all the employees throughout the nation or even the world.

This year’s graduates have had invaluable experience working online. They have discovered the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely. They can make a more informed decision if working remotely is something they desire in their college or their career. 

Do not let the events that happen in life pass by without learning something from them. Any time there is significant change there is great opportunity. You are the first wave of high school graduates to have significant experience with remote learning. Use this experience to understand what you enjoy and what you want to do for the rest of your life. If you love what you do, you won’t have to work a day in your life.


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