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Truth is not the goal

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Gone are the days of journalistic integrity and honesty.  Truth is no longer considered the most important goal by national media. What they report is what they wish the story to be or the story that will lead to the change they would like to see in the world. Stories are promoted or hidden depending on how they will affect politics.

By reporting a certain version of the story or choosing which stories to report based on the politics of a situation, the mainstream media is shaping the course of current events.  Rather than passive observers, they are INSERT IGNOREing themselves and all the power they hold into the story in order to achieve the desired outcome. 

They are assisted in their efforts by big tech and its ability to censor opinions and news stories that hurt the accepted narrative or political goals.  Mainstream media and big tech collaborate to determine which news sources are trusted; they create polls with projected outcomes favorable to their efforts; they develop biased fact-checkers to debunk stories they do not agree with.  

The media’s overtly partisan efforts have strengthened over the last four years culminating in their latest and boldest move to declare the presidential election.  Whether you are pleased with the media’s declared outcome or not, it isn’t the media who determines the president-elect.

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Through this distortion of facts, the media is culpable for the great political division in our country today.  By distorting facts, you are distorting minds.  The media will also destroy a person who expresses a differing political opinion; coupled with distortion of facts, they yield a double-edged sword over our nation’s freedom of expression and any pursuit of the truth.

Sadly, the tactic of social castigation has bubbled over into social media platforms, where even in one’s own circle of friends and family, a person may be reprimanded, alienated, or attacked when they express a certain view.  

When we stop listening to each other; the area of common ground becomes ever more narrow so that the slightest rift will tear us apart.  

The first step to repairing our nation’s rift is to recognize that there are forces in the world and within our own nation who wish for an America that is weak and divided, so they may profit.  If we put that in the forefront of our minds, then it is easier to see how those forces are manipulating us.  

No doubt, big tech, and the mainstream media are behemoth forces that do not have the good of our nation at heart, but if individually, we reject their efforts to control us, considerable common ground may be gained in repairing the rift.

If we each think for ourselves, and we teach our children to do so while accepting the views of others, then our nation has hope for freedom. 

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