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Christmas Poetry

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And Tonight He’s Mary’s Child

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By Linda White-Francis


Early one morn,

the world awoke to

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christ is born!


Shepherds and Wisemen

came in joy.

Kings brought gifts

to the little Jewish boy.


the Virgin Mary held the child,

so mortal man could see…

her son had come to save the world,

for all eternity.


A pure and loving master,

one day he would become,

many would deny him,

some would turn and run.


He would heal the blind of darkness,

cleanse the leper’s sore.

calm the waters of damnation,

and open up the door.


exalt on bended knee

the savior meek and mild,

for now, a baby sleeps.

tonight, he’s Mary’s child!


Roses in the Snow



Why is it that we cannot

grow roses in the snow?

Imagine the radiance of red

against a pure ivory backdrop.

Like rubies on a setting

of sleek white silk.

Tender snowflakes

on scarlet petals

and stems arising

from an alabaster blanket.

Imagine the wonder

The sheer spectacle

of roses in the snow.  


To Live Tree



How many of us wish

in this day and age

to escape unseen

to the winter wonderland

found on the branches of a Christmas tree?

To sleep before the fireplace ornament.

To board the wooden train.

To dance alongside the sugarplum fairy.

To seek warmth from the glow of the stars above.

To seek comfort from the snowbound temple.

To slip right into Santa’s bag.

And sleep until that magical morn

when everything is better


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