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Thank you to our Readers

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The Hernando Sun Newspaper would like to thank our readers for their continued support. Every year we are increasing our circulation which is not something that many newspapers are achieving currently. One of our best sales tools is word of mouth, so please keep telling friends, neighbors, enemies, and family about Hernando’s Local Newspaper.
Our contributors are telling amazing stories that are happening in our community. We highlight people who are making a difference and sometimes we inspire others to get involved. Without Hernando Sun capturing these events they would be lost to history. 
We printed 52 issues in a year full of surprises. Many newspapers reduced their printing and furloughed staff. We did neither of those. Even though we saw a reduction in ad revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for many weeks, we actually increased the number of pages we printed to 24. 
We have been cautious in our spending which has caused us to grow more slowly than if we spent more freely. This thriftiness has enabled us to weather storms.
The coming year looks to be full of opportunities and challenges. As COVID-19 hopefully ebbs we will cover our return to normalcy. 
Julie and I would like to thank each of you for supporting the Hernando Sun, when we founded the newspaper more than six years ago our goal was to support the local community. Without a local news source we were concerned that Hernando County would morph into a suburb of Tampa losing our local businesses and identity. Thank you for your continued support on this journey.

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