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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Old Friends

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A recent walk through the Memory Garden at the May-Stringer Museum reminded me of how lucky we are for our old friends…friends that we’ve had for a long time. 

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The garden, now maintained by the Brooksville Garden Club, was established over 30 years ago by a group known as Compassionate Friends. The group honors the names of children who have passed away whether as a child or as an adult. 

The garden is a lovely, quiet space to rest and relax. There are ten granite benches with names inscribed and a granite tablet explaining the credo of the Compassionate Friends. All of these benches and tablet were donated by the Brewer Funeral Home.

At the time of the fire that destroyed a storage shed on the property about a year ago, Pat Brewer had his grandson call the Museum to offer assistance with immediate storage space. Old friends know how and when to help and the offer was truly appreciated. 

Elsewhere on the grounds, there is a marker noting the creation of the Brewer time capsule in 1994. The capsule is to be opened 50 years later on February 26, 2044. Put that date on your calendar! Thank you to our old friends, the Brewer Memorial Funeral Homes, and the Brewer family.

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