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Ingoglia seeks $3M for Alzheimer’s Research

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Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (Spring Hill) is asking for $3 million in State funding to underwrite Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia research at The Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease (CTRND) at the University of Florida (UF). The CTRND is a high-impact program of scientific discovery aimed at translating basic discoveries in neurodegenerative disease into therapies that benefit patients.

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Filed in January HB 2201 requests the revenue from the General Fund on grounds that similar funding has been awarded in the past.

These State funds have in the past, and will continue, to support the development of major programmatic research initiatives at UF,” the funding request said.

Specifically, SB 2201 asks for $2 million to support human imaging equipment and related interventional equipment, as well as the placement of staff scientists. The remaining $750,000 would partially support more than 30 scientists, post-doctoral fellows and other trainees at the Center, and $250,000 would be allocated for IT and database support for the Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

The request was referred to the House’s Appropriations Committee and the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee where it is currently under review.

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