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Notes from the Museums: Door Knobs

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Historic homes and buildings are often described as being able to open the door to a person’s love of history. Such is the case at the May-Stringer Museum where doors are opened with a variety of door knobs and pulls. By the time the May-Stringer was built in the mid to late 1800s, the common thumb latch had been replaced with knobs. The front, double doors are opened with a beautiful, cast bronze door knob with matching key plate. The porcelain or pottery knob is another type that is found throughout the house. It appears in white and brown porcelain and a stunning black that is almost like a jewel. The four sets of double pocket doors are outfitted with decorative, cast bronze pulls. At this time, some of those pulls and steel locks are missing, unfortunately, but you get the idea! Whether the door opens with a brass, porcelain, glass, or cast iron knob or pull, a visitor opens the door to the fascinating history of Brooksville, Hernando County, and Florida history at the May-Stringer House.

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The Museums are open!

The May-Stringer: Tours Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 352-799-0129

The 1885 Depot: Tours Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – 352-799-4766

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The Countryman One Room Schoolhouse: By appointment – 352-515-3054 or 630-464-2313


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