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“Where the Stars Hang” by J.L. Young

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There are days when you want to spend time engrossed with a reliable read, a potboiler, by an author that has proven to deliver. You want to read a space opera where the plot is evenly advanced leaving the reader with a desire to read more at every page but without exhaustion. “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov, “Tau Zero” by Poul Anderson, or “Well of Souls” by Jack Chalker are the types of books and authors who can deliver a reliable read.

“Where the Stars Hang” by J.L. Young proves to be this type of even-keel tome. The characters are well-defined and act within their varied, even alien, definitions. A few typos aren’t enough to distract from the plot but what puts this book on top is the language, John Young is a master with it. The descriptions are meticulous but not painful; unknown words are defined by their surroundings and I don’t feel the need to look them up.

In “Where the Stars Hang,” Doctor Kodi Paige, a disabled veteran, and astrophysicist, is given the opportunity to examine a seemingly normal but rare meteorite. During the examination, a peculiar capsule is discovered within. Its contents will alter her life as well as the course of humanity. Enhanced by the DNA cleverly encased in the meteorite, Kodi must battle the forces of this world, who view her as an alien. Meanwhile, she is preparing the planet to battle the incoming threat. The Tye are ruthless and attack for amusement and food. Kodi helps invent some whiz-bang gadgetry to defeat them but will it be enough? 

Young’s website can be found at https://wtshnovel.weebly.com/ 

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Let me emphasize how well this book is written and how thoroughly it kept my interest. “Where the Stars Hang” by J.L. Young can be found on Amazon along with his other books, “Veiled Stars” and “Measured Land.” Young is currently working on a Sci-Fi trilogy. He has a Weebly website and a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/veiledstars1  

I can view this work with a calculating eye because I have my own books self-published on Amazon. I am a retired computer engineer and am now writing a novel with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. “Moon Jack” is my latest work. Details can be found at my website www.JohnDavidHannaWriting.com

Both John Young and I are members of the Writers Guild of Spring Hill.


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