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Summer Trades Program approved 5-0

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Beth Lastra, Supervisor of College & Career Programs, spoke to the school board about the new Summer Trades Program, made possible by a partnership with Pasco Hernando Workforce Board, prior to the school board approving the program 5-0.
Lastra explained that Pasco Hernando Workforce Board approached the district to partner with them on a summer trades program for students 16 years of age and older.  The program offers two cohorts: either IT or construction.  The program is four weeks long where two weeks are spent in the classroom and then another two weeks in the field/externship.
The workforce board provides payment to students as an incentive to enter into the program and another payment is made at the halfway mark.
Students will receive industry certification.  The construction program will work on OSHA certification and the IT program will be doing the social media strategist certification.
The workforce board will be reimbursing the district on any equipment that is being used and for any teacher salaries.
“This year we’re really excited about laying the foundation… And offer opportunities to our kids,” said Lastra.

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