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Local candlemaker turns a passion into a profession

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The art of candle making originated in Rome in 500 BC, when many candles were made from wax and twine. Yet today’s candles are chic, fun, and even sustainable. This is definitely the case with Jeanna Makes Scents of Spring Hill, a business owned by Jeanna Chyczewski that creates hand-poured soy wax candles.

Jeanna Makes Scents’ soy candles are jar candles sized 3 oz to 16 oz. Her signature, and most popular size, is a 10 oz jar. All candles are adorned in shiny containers with 

artistically designed labels. Each candle bears its own, highly personalized identity, with selections including Cotton and Iris, Collie, and a Bride/Maid of Honor combo. 

In the eyes of Chyczewski, each candle represents a carefully created artwork. “I do not make large batches all at once. I hand pour each candle individually,” she said. “This way I know each one of my candles has the perfect amount of scent and wax to create perfection every time. That process can be time-consuming depending on how many I am making that day.”  

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And before she was a candle maker, she was a candle collector. “I have always enjoyed scented candles, I would purchase several throughout the year. I always wanted to have beautiful scents filtering through the air in my home. Being a household with pets I would rather smell a nice candle,” she said.

The collecting of candles, in fact, became one of her primary life passions. “Am I a collector? I would say yes!” she said. “Obsessed, would be a better word! I love the variety of scents. I am a scent addict! The scent of beautiful aromas just makes me feel better. Some scents can bring back a certain memory as well. Like Lilac makes me think of my Grandmother. It is a feel-good feeling for me.”

Finding inspiration in scented treasures, Chyczewski began to make her own candles. “It started off as a hobby. I work from home and when the pandemic hit and I could not leave the house when I wasn’t working, I needed something to keep myself busy in between my working hours. I just thought it would be a great hobby and since I love candles it would be a win, win. I spent many days and hours perfecting my craft. I had no idea how much goes into making a beautifully scented candle!” Chyczewski explained.

Before she knew it, a passion became a profession. “I started just giving them away to people I knew and family members. They took off from there. Everyone loved them! Which made me very happy! There is nothing that makes me feel better than knowing I have created something someone else can enjoy and much as I do,” she said. 

Beyond bringing happiness to people, Chyczewski also strives to help protect the environment. “I started researching the candles that are on the market today. What I learned was that most scented candles contain paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil,” she said. “When it’s burnt, paraffin wax releases toxic compounds into the air, including acetone, benzene, and toluene – all known carcinogens. So not only are they damaging the environment but our health, too!” In offering her own candles, she became determined to offer a more eco conscious option. “This is why I only use 100% Soy wax to create my candles. Soy wax is biodegradable. Soy wax comes from sustainable American soy farms. It has a lower melting point and because of this, my candles will burn slower and longer,” she said. “Soy wax burns clean and won’t be filling your home, or your lungs, with potentially deadly smoke. 100% non-toxic and natural. They are vegan and cruelty-free. The wicks I use are lead-free cotton wicks. The fragrance oils I use are phthalate-free.”

She explained that phthalates are human-made chemicals that soften plastics and make them more flexible, durable, and long-lasting. While phthalate-free fragrances aren’t from nature, they are considered safe.

Even the colors of Jeanna Makes Scents candles are all natural. “I do offer a variety of colors but lately have been sticking with the natural color of the wax. It is a beautiful natural white,” said Chyczewski. “The candle is all about the scent and not so much the color in my opinion.”

Ultimately, she regards every candle creation as an artwork of great significance. “A candle is so simple, yet it always seems to be something everyone can look forward to. The psychological benefits of burning candles can promote feelings of joy, ease, focus, energy and so much more. Candles symbolize celebration, signify romance, soothe the senses, define ceremony, and accent the style of home decors. The soft flickering of candlelight creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds a sense of warmth; what’s not to love,” said Chyczewski.

And those who wish to own a Jeanna Makes Scents candle, have various ways to ‘get the glow.’ “I have most of my candles available in my home. I do try to have “driveway” sales about once a month or so,” she said. “These will be promoted on my social media sites and emails. You can also either contact me directly through email at [email protected] or 518-366-7637. My Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/scentedsoywaxedcandles. I do have a recent website I created that will eventually be offering all of my candles. That website is https://jeannamakesscents.com I also do have a few candles available at the Boho Gift Shop 103 S Saxon Ave, Brooksville, FL 34601.”

Ultimately, the owner of Jeanna Makes Scents wants every customer to find ‘their’ candle.

“I do offer special orders or custom orders. If you can’t find a scent that you like. Let me know, I can most likely create it for you. If I can’t, I can certainly recommend about 200 others,” she said. 


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