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Time to Engage the Gears

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As I lean over this writing tablet, emotions and words spin in my brain like the simmering vegetables in an old fashioned stew. I tell myself, all the necessary ingredients are here, be careful to mix them to where they not only taste good, but are good for you as well!

The day is drawing to an end, and as my wife and I were laying in bed discussing things varying from neighborhood events to repurposed rain water, Hernando County came up as the, “main event.”  Now we have purposed ourselves to help others, not only in the church body, but also the upcoming leaders of tomorrow, being the kids around us that don’t realize what they have facing them in the future. It has been said, “The best way to start down a path is to put our first foot forward.” (Sorry, I cannot quote the originator of this.)  Again, as I have seen “the writing on the wall,” and it’s not pretty. I have decided to now do some writing of my own.

There is a movement in this country to turn each citizen against their neighbor, by way of weaponized media, and race on race, or C.R.T. (Critical Race Theory). There are those out there with nothing but contempt for this country, who are spreading their ill will and big cash around with an agenda of anarchy and disruption to boot!  We, who have looked “outside of the box,” realize that “we the people” are in a new type of war, furthermore if we don’t want to lose this beautiful land that the Lord God has blessed us with, then we need to dust off our boots, and join the “good fight.” 

We have learned through scriptures found in the “good book,” that in Christianity, each member of the body is integrally important. We all have gifts endowed by God to do his good works, as well as enjoying the many blessings all around us. “The world and my country according to Steve!”

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Now you may have been asking yourself, “Where does the engaging the gears come into play?” As many who know me can tell you, I’ve spent countless years, and millions of miles traversing this country hauling everything from massive 70 foot mobile homes, to 9,000 plus gallons of volatile fuel. I have driven over patches of black ice on the mountains of Wyoming, and hauled fuel in F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Administration) conditions where the water on the road crested over the large semi-tractor tires. In truth, I tell you this: when faced with difficult challenges I would follow these procedures; first, the load had to be “right” and secured. Second, I would learn the directions and objective of the “Mission.”  Third, (and the most important step of the procedure), I would pause and pray for what will be needed of me to successfully complete the “run” before me.  Then I would say to myself “time to engage the gears!” 

  Now, maybe I can get some sleep.


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