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New law allows compensation for college, university athletes

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As of July 1 athletes at Florida colleges and universities can be paid when their names or likenesses (NIL) are used by their schools for promotional purposes. The law now also allows players to be compensated outside their respective colleges and universities when their own names or images are used in endorsements, advertisements, and other promotions.

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Florida lawmakers passed SB 646 during their 2020 legislative session to allow collegiate compensation. HB 845 affirms the first measure’s effective date as July 1, 2021.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 845 into law on June 29.

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) welcomed the legislation.

Many college athletes leave school in debt, despite giving their time and risking injury to play sports they love at their schools,” the FDOE said in a written statement. “Ninety-nine percent of these athletes will never earn a meaningful professional income in their sport. For the short time these student-athletes are participating in college sports, they will now have the opportunity to earn income for the commitment they make on the playing field.”

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Florida now joins Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio Pennsylvania, and 13 other states in allowing compensation for college athletes.

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