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Notes from the Museums – Choppers & Grinders

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Southern cooks are well-known for adding tasty garnishes of pecans or peanuts to their meal creations. Early settler cooks didn’t have the convenience of crushed or grated nut meats in a plastic pouch ready to pluck from the grocer’s rack.

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There are many tools for getting the nuts to just the right grade of coarseness that the recipe calls for. For the coarse job, maybe to add to a banana bread, a good wooden bowl with either a single edge or multiple edge chopper would do the job. For a finer product, an actual nut grinder was the ticket. If there was a large quantity to process, then the cook might find a grinder that screwed onto a table top to be really handy.

Whether to chop or grind, an of fascinating kitchen tools may be found in the kitchen at the May-Stringer Museum.


The Museums are open!

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The May-Stringer – Tours Tuesday – Saturday  11am – 3pm 352-799-0129

The 1885 Depot – Tours Wednesday, Friday & Saturday  Noon – 3pm 352-799-4766

The Countryman One Room Schoolhouse – Closed for the summer352-515-3054

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