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Readers’ Views

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I am tired of Governor DeSantis telling the Citizens of Florida we have the right not to wear a mask, that we have the freedom to make that choice. But the true meaning behind Governor DeSantis’s words are, we have to freedom to make our American citizens sick and kill them including children, by letting the Covid 19 virus have free reign over our state and our great nation.

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By not wearing a mask, and not mandating masks in schools, that is actually what Governor DeSantis is willing to do. Sacrifice our families and our children’s lives and continue to spread this virus that is killing thousands of American people and bring down this great nation. But what about my rights, my children’s rights, and the rights of the American people? Why should Governor DeSantis have the right to put my family and all American families lives at risk? Because it’s a nuisance to wear a mask. Endan-gering the welfare of others is a crime in this country, and not wearing a mask is exactly what Governor DeSantis is encourag-ing people to do, put American lives in danger. I don’t get it. If wearing a mask could stop the spread or slow the progress of the Covid 19 virus and save thousands of lives, why has Governor DeSantis not encourage or man-date his citizens to wear one?

Governor DeSantis should not have the right to put my life, my children’s life, my family or any American family’s lives at risk. Wearing a mask will not kill you or put your life in danger. It will save lives. But not wearing a mask and spreading this virus can kill or cause permeant health damage to all I love and to every American family. If wearing a mask could save just one child’s life, is it not worth it?

I am an American citizen too, and no one, including Governor DeSantis, has the right to put me, my children, my family or any American family’s lives at risk with his policies.

A true patriotic Governor that cares about his state and his country would encourage people to wear a mask and mandate mask in schools or offer online schooling for our children, so we may keep them out of harm’s way, and protect this great nation and its American Family’s. A true patriotic Governor would be part of the solution, not the cause of the problem.

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