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Central’s NJROTC Presents The Colors at Rays Game

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Central’s NJROTC cadets recently had the opportunity to present the colors at a Tampa Bay Rays game. Chief Michael Santiago, the Naval Science Instructor at Central High School NJROTC program explained how this came to be. “These cadets have put in so much effort and hard work into their drill routines and color guard routines that I felt they were ready for the big stage. I reached out to the Tampa Bay Rays organization and requested an opportunity for the our cadets to present the colors. The experience was great and really wanted to county to see the good things they are doing,” he said. Chief Santiago retired from the Navy in February after 25 years and recently was hired at Central High School as a Naval Science Instructor.  The cadets in the photos are: Cadet Jayden Salley, Cadet Stephanie Lebron, Cadet Jakob Demitro, Cadet Leo Padro, Cadet Wyatt Hallet, Cadet Arianna Mcqown

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Photos courtesy of Chief Michael Santiago.

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