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City’s Beautification Board wants EQUINE bucked from city hall

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On May 11, 2021, at the City of Brooksville Beautification board meeting, under the topic of new business, the board discussed removing the sculpture entitled “EQUINE” located at 201 Howell Avenue in front of City Hall. A motion was made and seconded for a vote to move the exterior EQUINE art sculpture. The motion was carried unanimously. Considering the action taken at the City Beautification Board, the board chair made a request to City Council on October 18th, 2021 to send a letter to Local Artist James Oleson to move the sculpture defined herein.

Donna Morin, Beautification Board chairwoman explained, “On May 11, 2021, we brought up that the sculpture in the front of the courthouse is in very bad condition. We took a vote and the motion carried unanimously to have the sculpture removed. What we would like to see is something else to replace it and in much better condition. Giving other artists the opportunity to put their sculptures there. We might even want to put an additional sculpture there, to dress city hall up. It is clear we are an artist and art type community and I would love to see City Hall be a part of that. We need to make sure city hall is on board with the art community and make sure that the statue that Mr. Olsen, loaned to the city, is to be returned via letter to Mr. Olsen, so others have a chance.”

Mayor Brayton stated that he has had a few calls already about not having the sculpture removed, but cleaned up instead.

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A motion was passed unanimously to contact the artist and see what options there are. The topic will then be brought back to the board after they consult with the artist.

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