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Florida gets Triple-A rating on S&P scale

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Standard & Poor (S&P), the nation’s leading credit rating agency, has awarded the State of Florida a AAA credit rating on its General Obligation (GO) bonds. The S&P issues credit ratings of between AAA, the most credit trustworthy, to D, or most likely default on financial obligations, for each of the 50 states.

Florida’s rating places the state above the nation’s rating of AA+ In addition, the state outranks other high population states including California rated at AA-, and New York which earned an AA+ rating.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said that Florida’s high S&P ranking reflects the state’s commitment to job growth and investments in infrastructure and workforce education.

Florida’s economy is strong because we have kept the state open, maintained a positive economic climate, taxed lightly and spent wisely, ” DeSantis said. “And the state is well-positioned to weather future economic challenges.”

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DeSantis announced Florida’s S&P ranking last week.

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