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Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services plans business expansion at BKV

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Hernando County Office of Economic Development

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(Brooksville, FL) After nearly ten years at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV), Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services (PATES) plans to expand its operations by constructing a new 65,000 square foot facility to accommodate its business growth. A BKV tenant since 2012, PATES is an FAA and EASA certified global repair provider of commercial and military aircraft turbine engines, accessories, and related platform components. Beginning with one hangar, the company grew to occupy five separate hangars and the entire inactive runway at BKV.

PATES plans to consolidate operations into a new 65,000 square foot aviation services facility on leased acreage within the BKV “Aviation Expansion Zone” located at Telcom and Technology drives. The PATES expansion project will create a minimum of 25 new jobs in the aviation industry, at 125 percent of the County’s average annual wage of $45,936. PATES will invest a minimum of $7 million in the facility and $3 million in equipment with an estimated Ad Valorem Tax increase of $115,000.

Service to large turbine engines requires extensive space and equipment such as heavy-duty gantry cranes, lifts, and stands. Mechanics, technicians, and inspectors rely on specialized training and tools as they work on a continual flow of engines from all over the world and all types of aircraft. Substantial growth is forecast in the global aircraft engine Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) industry. In addition to a mounting list of engine-type capabilities, PATES has built a positive reputation worldwide.

The Hernando County Board of County Commission (BOCC) approved the following incentives to support this project at its regular meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, through the Office of Economic Development:
• Economic Development Investment Incentive Grant
• Building Permit & Impact Fees
• Expedited Permitting Inspection and Certification (EPIC) Program

Document outlining the incentive package provided to Pem-Air for facility expansion
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