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Notes from the Museums: McClellan’s Saddle

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The 1885 Depot Museum is more than a train station. It houses some of the Museum Association’s larger artifacts and collections. There is one section devoted to equipment for horses. Horses were a large part of the community before the automobile became standard.

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There are two saddles that catch the eye in this exhibit and they are both McClellan saddles. George B. McClellan, West Point graduate, made a name for himself when he served in the Army during the Mexican-American War. He was later assigned to a post in Europe to assess cavalry equipment. When he returned he designed the saddle and gave it its name. Then it was used by the Army up until the cavalry was disbanded during World War II.

The McClellan had a wood frame (tree) with an open seat. McClellan had varied careers in business and the military. His service record during the Civil War is another topic. His saddle design, however, continues to bear his name.

The Museum Schedules! The May-Stringer tours on Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 3pm – 352-799-0129
The 1885 Depot tours on Friday – Saturday from Noon – 3pm – 352-799-4766
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