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Notes from the Museums: Plastered Foyer

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Many of us like to have the entryway to our home looking great. In the case of the May-Stringer Museum, the foyer has had a lot of plaster damage over the years. In spite of covering the larger holes with framed artwork, the condition of the foyer just did not meet the “put your best foot forward” criteria.
Then, recently, a friend of one of our board of directors stepped up with a donation that covered the cost of repairing the plaster in the foyer! She wants to remain anonymous, but she is a treasure and our thanks are unending.

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Garrett Wells, of Sefner, had finished off repairs to the kitchen plaster and was pulled back in to do the more extensive work in the foyer. The foyer plaster work has the additional challenge of including two curved walls!

The repainting, including all of the woodwork, is being done by Greg Sweade. The May-Stringer may be a 165 year old building, but she sure likes to get spruced up.

The Museum Schedules! The May-Stringer tours on Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 3pm – 352-799-0129
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