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DeSantis nixes business protection bill

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Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed a measure that would allow private sector businesses to sue local governments that pass laws detrimental to them.

SB 620, the Local Business Protection Act, would have allowed private, for-profit businesses to seek and receive damages from county or municipal governments that enacted or amended certain ordinances or charter provisions that would reduce profits beyond the designated threshold.

According to DeSantis’ veto letter, the bill which was introduced in response to measures adopted by some local governments during the COVID-19 carries unforeseen consequences.

“Incredibly, this bill exempts compensating businesses due to ’emergency’ orders of local governments,” the letter read. “However the broad and ambiguous language of the bill will lead to both unintended and unforeseen consequences and costly litigation.”

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Had DeSantis not vetoed the measure, it would have gone into effect as soon as he signed it.

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