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What we really should be drinking

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With the many varieties of green teas, juicer recipes, aloe vera extract and now mushroom tonic, we’ve lost track of the most important staple we should all be downing by the gallon — good, old-fashioned, plain water. But with so many water choices on the market – fruit-flavoured, aloe, electrolyte, and alkalised – it can be overwhelming to choose what’s best for our health.

Drinking plenty of water, whether it is filtered, tap, bottled, sparkling or fruit infused, is vital to keep up hydration but, if you’re partial to drinks with added sugars or sweeteners, beware how many more calories you will be adding to your diet.
Water can be boring though and it is an uphill task to reach the recommended amount each day. Fortunately, there are other options beyond plain water.

Hot lemon water
Many people start their day with a glass of water (with or without lemon).It helps to keep us hydrated and if you take it with lemon, then you are getting a good dose of Vitamin C and other antioxidants that help improve digestion so it can certainly be a great addition to the diet.

Drinks Containing Electrolytes
Electrolytes are needed by the body to keep fluid in balance, and can be found in most foods and some drinks naturally. When we sweat heavily, we lose electrolytes, so they need to be replaced. Electrolyte drinks are an easy way to replace lost electrolytes but they’re not really necessary for those of us who sit at a desk all day. Electrolyte water is perfect for people who exercise a lot or have active jobs where they are sweating on a daily basis. These types of drinks can also be heavily sweetened. Coconut water, plant-based milks and sports drinks are all good sources of electrolytes.

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Aloe Vera Water
Most people in Florida have an aloe vera plant in their garden. It’s best known for that gooey, sticky stuff in their leaves that helps soothe a sunburn. However, drinking aloe vera juice also has well-known medicinal uses and has earned its place as a home remedy for many diseases and ailments. The aloe vera juice has more of a gel like consistency rather than a watery consistency. When the leaf is split, the juice runs sluggishly rather than quickly. This is an important property of aloe vera juice. As it runs slowly through the intestinal tract, it absorbs the toxins that are present and carries them through the system to be eventually eliminated.

Mushroom Tonic
Mushrooms have lean proteins with no cholesterol or fat, and are also low in carbohydrates. Adding medicinal mushrooms to your diet first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach will give you added Vitamin C and help your body remove toxins.

What NOT to drink
Alcohol—despite being a fluid—is not a good way to hydrate. It inhibits the release of an anti-diuretic hormone that rushes to our defense when our concentration of electrolytes rise above a certain level. Minimize dehydrating effects by choosing lower-alcohol-content drinks and drinking slowly. If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, consider making a spritzer instead by adding sparkling water. Sugary sodas, sweetened iced tea, high-sugar content energy drinks or sweet coffee drinks should be avoided.

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