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Citizens Searching for Truth

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While searching online for story-worthy content, I came across the website of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). This was founded by a retired sheriff named Richard Mack, who served in that capacity in Graham County, Arizona. As he has dedicated his life to helping out not only his community, but his country as well, he and his associates have sought out and published stories found in the “cyber-verse” that pertain to other “video warriors” of like-minded ideas as well. One of his latest offerings showcases the work of Ann Vandersteel and Kevin Jenkins. They have started a series called “The Zalenko Report,” paying tribute to the works of Dr. Vlademir Zalenko M.D..

This was produced in conjunction with the Brighteon internet system. This may seem like a lot of names and credits to be absorbed, but believe me when I say that it is worth the search. The Duo did their first segment showing an interview of Dr. Zalenko, (probably his last). And in that video, I came away with some statements that are worthy of sharing with you all today. These are a few of the statements that Mr. Zalenko wrote: “There is a conglomerate, an entity, that is working extremely hard to change the perception of reality,” and ” Whoever controls the flow of information, controls the perception of reality.”

The unpatriotic, Marxist media push (in my opinion) is where the socialist agenda will play a major role in the ruination of our nation! Throughout the past decades, we could pin a lot of the blame on our (mainly liberal) based university systems, but since the pandemic caused parents to be more involved in their children’s education, it has been found that many educators are being “led” to drill unpatriotic thoughts and ideals in to the student body (even as early as the kindergarten years).

Here is something else that is quite bothersome. It is not just the instructional establishment that is to blame, but “big industry” and the woke military apparatus as well. Once I retired and decided to spend more time helping others, my writing seemed to be the best way that I could be of service to those in my county, and to also include the country too. In starting this venture, it became apparent that I was going to spend a lot of time sorting out what I felt was lies, where they attempt to market it as truth. I guess a pretty lie is easier to swallow than the hard truth. I also realize that we (as a conservative people) are constantly facing battles with co-workers and family, and when someone hits you with “Well, it was on the news last night,” we soon can see where many have found their life’s directions, (or mis-directions)!

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As I have stated in the past, this is the new conflict (or soft-war). Many of us who have served our country in the military were taught that if you are in a battle with outdated weapons, or “ordnance” that is mismatched for the fight you are involved in, if you don’t change weaponry and/or tactics, YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY SUFFER A GREATER LOSS! We have newer, updated tools at our disposal for helping to “fight the good fight,” but we cannot do it alone. There have been many times where I have pulled out my “smart” phone and taken a screenshot of an event, or a writing that will back up a truthful statement, that will go against what the FAKE NEWS wizards are whipping up. A good example of this is the recorded events surrounding the 2020 general presidential elections. Most remember seeing videos of massive fraudulent acts, then watching Youtube cancel those videos so they could tell us that the whole “sham show” was legit.

These are our new weapons to win back our country, and those people that tell you that there is nothing wrong with the way we are living, should tell you that we have work to be done. You all should know by now that I like to share quotes to back up (or enhance) my stories and writing. The quote “Knowledge is power” (which is actually derived from “Knowledge itself is power”), was given to us by Sir Francis Bacon in his published work Meditationes Sacre (circa 1597). This popular quote was addended by a man named Robert Boyce, when he wrote ” Knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

The question I must ask today is this; What power do you want to see being used here in America? Is it the power of lies, mis-direction and misconceptions, or do you ascribe to that force of energy centered around the truth? Let me leave you with this thought to ponder. It is scripture that comes from the Holy Bible, the book of John, chapter 8, and vs. 31 thru 32; ” Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Be blessed, and have a good week!

Steven Goodwin
Steven Goodwin
Steve Goodwin is a recently retired Christian conservative veteran (of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division), who still feels that "duty to country" did not end when the military uniform got hung up. He and his wife Cecelia live on the edge of a beautifully wooded tract of land just south of the bypass, and are involved in not only church activities, but also attend school board meetings and local community action events as well.
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