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2022 increased my thankful list by a few more.

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In this month of Thanksgiving I find I have more than enough of life’s blessings. Another year (my 70th) makes me more aware of how much I am in debt to others— I am blessed with a loving husband, caring family, and good friends.

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But 2022 increased my thankful list by a few more. I am now grateful for the talents of my orthopedic surgeon and my physical therapist. They came at a time when I really needed and depended on them! They are certainly my new heroes!

Dr. Matthew Moralle, orthopedic surgeon, and one of my new heroes.

Let me explain. July 31st, I fell while dismounting a bike. A simple move, done many times over, wasn’t so simple anymore. Feet got tangled up and I hit pavement and I hit it hard! I fractured my patella (knee cap) in more than a dozen pieces. (Never do anything in a small way, I always say!) That injury literally brought summer to a screeching halt! I had a short hospital stay, surgery, and then six weeks in a leg brace! August and September were not what I had planned at all!

Two days after surgery. I get to wander around the house with my walker and leg brace.

Who knew there was so much to muscle strength and knee movement? I certainly got an education from my physical therapist! And everyone commented that my surgeon had done some excellent repairs. Two months still dragged on as I waited to get from one recovery stage to the next. Time to reflect on how blessed I was to have found those special people who put me back together again.

Now surgery is more than three months in the past. It’s been a real journey. But now I can walk without aid. The knee is pretty good and I’m much like my old self. I was able to keep my goal of walking on the beach in November. And I got there under my own power! Talk about being truly blessed!

Judy on Flagler Beach at sunrise in early November. Truly blessed!
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