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Melbourne fireworks store burns in car crash

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On Monday November 29, in Melbourne, Florida a car accident resulted in an SUV crashing through the front of Phantom Fireworks building on US 192. The workers at the store were able to escape, but the driver of the SUV was killed.

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The SUV crash resulted in a small fire which set off some fireworks, which in turn set off more fireworks. After a short while the store looked like a giant fireworks show with flashes of fire shooting in all directions.

The four lane highway in front of the fireworks store was closed as firefighters fought the blaze. The noise of the explosions was heard for miles around. The exploding fireworks made fighting the fire a challenge.

The Brevard County Fire Rescue reported that “Crews from BCFR Stations 82, 83, 81, Districts 60 and 80, Melbourne Fire Department Stations 72, 73, 74, District 74, Palm Bay Fire Department Station 3 and District 1, and Four Communities Volunteer Fire Departments… all worked together to bring the fire under control.”

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