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Traffic signals are active at the US 19 intersection at Hexam Road/ Chicago Avenue

Traveling north on US 19 approaching the Hexam Rd/ Chicago Ave intersection. Photo credit: FDOT

Fully operational traffic signals are now in place at the intersection of US 19 / Commercial Way and Hexam Road / Chicago Avenue. The signals were officially in use shortly after 11 AM on December 19, 2022. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) was stationed at the intersection to assist in the transition.

Previously, there was no signal at the intersection, only stop signs on Hexam and Chicago. The new construction will also include pedestrian signals in all directions.

In addition to the signals, the intersection also received a fresh coat of asphalt, and a connection was constructed onto Nicasio Road, a north-south roadway that runs parallel to the northbound side of Commercial Way. This connector is located just south of Hexam Road.

The speed limit in this area is 50 miles per hour and is strictly enforced. Drivers should be alert to workers as the final phases are completed. Be prepared to stop in all directions as signal timings and adjustments are finalized.

Traveling west on Hexam Road toward the US 19 intersection. Photo credit: FDOT