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There’s more to cleaning than just aesthetics

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Decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing can be a positive thing. It can actually make you feel calmer, happier and alleviate stress

Spring has almost sprung, and we know what that means! That primal desire — well, for some people — to declutter, clean, and reorganize the space where you live.

If you watch the telly, you’ll know that programs like Hoarders are very popular and illustrate just how cluttering can affect you mentally. On the other hand, some people veer toward minimalization. That’s mostly favored by the younger generation. They go to extremes and condense everything into one backpack and go traveling. Older folks, sadly, might have to downsize, but that has a lot of positivity – like saving time, money, and energy.

And because of Covid, the way we live in our homes now has changed dramatically over the past couple of years as working and studying from home are now considered the norm. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of having a spare room just lying around waiting to be a dedicated work or study space. This is why decluttering, cleaning, and organization of your home are so important.

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Decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing can be positive things. It can help you feel emotionally lighter. Getting rid of excess “stuff” can make you feel calmer, happier, and less stressed. It can actually make you more energized and motivated. Apparently, it’s all to do with our hormones. One in particular: cortisol. But we won’t go into that!

If you feel a bit overwhelmed at the total immensity of it all, the Hernando Sun has put together a few organizing tips to help you on your way.

Where Do I Start?
When it comes to decluttering, get a trash bag and start by walking through your home and trashing anything broken or damaged. This one step helps you recognize when you have clutter.

Take Everything Out
If you have chosen to start organizing and decluttering your kitchen drawers, for example, empty the whole drawer out. Spray and wipe it clean and line it with clean paper if you choose. Select your most used items and favorites and trash the rest. If it’s a gadget, you haven’t used in over a year, trash it. Store the remaining items based on similar usage so they are easy to access. This method can be applied to any room in the house.

Do a Little At a Time
Once you’ve started, this method is easy to schedule. Consider it like a work project and schedule it on your calendar. Make sure you finish each challenge once you’ve started, and promise yourself a reward like a favorite meal each time you complete an important milestone.

Staying motivated
The trick is to stay motivated. Share what your priorities are with a friend. They can rally you if you start flagging and are failing to meet your milestones. Take before and after photos to record your progress, and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

Let’s be honest, though. Life is very busy, especially for those with children, so your home will not always be organized. Be realistic and forgive yourself if you delay a project a few days or weeks.

Of course, you could always call in a professional organizer to declutter your home.
The cost to hire a professional organizer is $504 on average, but it can cost between $251 and $811, according to Angi’s List.
With the average rate nationwide sitting at around $450, you’ll get good service from an experienced professional within this budget range. From your kids’ playroom to your home office, you can likely get several rooms decluttered for this amount.

Color in Your Home
Each year, paint manufacturers and color experts share their predictions for the paint colors they expect to trend in the year ahead. If you love color and nature, you’ll be thrilled with the organic, nature-inspired shades forecasted to be popular this year. Whether you’re drawn to soft earth tones, forest greens, or spicy hues, the roundup of predicted top paint colors for 2023 will help provide beautiful inspiration for your next project.

Forest Greens — Shades of green have been proving popular in kitchens for the past few years, mostly in hues you find in moss or sage.
Creamy Whites — are always the most popular choice. The perfect backdrop for all styles of furnishings.

Earthy Blues — Blue will always be a favorite with homeowners. While the cooler shades of blue were popular in the past, this year’s range of blues is richer, deeper, and warmer. Paint colors will be warmer, with brown or green undertones. Expect to see mineral blues as well, such as you see sparkling in granite.

Organic Neutrals — Calming neutral hues will always please homeowners. Their soothing, neutral backdrop provides the perfect foundation for adding really bright pops of colors with art, rugs, and pillows.

Spicy Hues — These colors tend to be dark, but every home needs a dramatic splash of color somewhere. Your spice cabinet can give you inspiration here. 2023 forecasts shades of cinnamon, paprika, and dry mustard.


Bedroom: all of your clothes

Kitchen: all of your containers

Closet: all of your towels and linens

Bathroom: all personal care and medical products

Office: all office supplies

Bedroom: all shoes & accessories

Kitchen: all utensils and small appliances

Utility Room: all of your laundry products

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