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Flock your friends for a good cause!

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Nickels for Nipples is a Hernando County-based 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to fight Breast Cancer through education, fundraising and hope. Now this month, they’re also fighting through flamingos! Throughout April, people throughout the community are ‘flocking’ forth to join the fight, via the Flock Your Friends campaign!

“It’s a flocking frenzy!” announced a Nickels for Nipples event notice. “Flamingo fundraising season is here. Help support Nickels for Nipples and our local families fighting breast cancer while having a little pink flamingo fun.”

For a small donation, those who are inclined to help can send a flock of faux flamingos to the homes of friends, family members or neighbors, where they will be placed in the front yards of these fortunate flock hosts for a small donation. Then, after a two-day stay, the flamingos will migrate to the next household destined and designated to add a much needed touch of pink to their decorative landscape plan.

The cost of each flocking session is $25 for 25 flamingos, $40 for 40 flamingos. Folks also can opt to invest $10 in flocking insurance; a monetary safeguard that will keep their lawns safe from Nickels for Nipples flamingos, remain anonymous, or to uncover the identity of just who flocked them.

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“This is our third flocking season,” said Carole Phillips, vice president of Nickels for Nipples. “This is a major fundraiser for our organization.”

Once a flock is ordered, Nickels for Nipples will travel to the homes of those destined to be “flattered by flamingos.” A flock of pink plastic creatures will be delivered and it is sure to bring a smile to the faces of homeowners.

“We’ve been caught a few times, and people always laugh. Last year, I remember seeing a child of about four or five looking out the window at us as we flocked their yard. It was so cute,” said Phillips. “They love it.”

Sometimes, those who are flocked then go on to return–or at least pass on–the flamingo favor. “They like to pay it forward,” said Phillips.

It’s all for a good cause. “Everybody knows somebody who has been affected by breast cancer,” said Phillips. “We’re here to help breast cancer patients and their caregivers–both of whom might be missing work while dealing with this condition. We have the funds to assist them, to help them get back on their feet.”

Sign up for Flock Your Friends on the Nickels for Nipples Facebook or Instagram pages, visit www.nickelsfornipples.com or call 352-428-6499.

Megan Hussey
Megan Hussey
Megan Hussey is a features journalist and author who is the winner of Florida Press Association honors and a certificate of appreciation from LINCS (Family Support Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force) and Sunrise Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center for her newspaper coverage of these issues. She graduated cum laude from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., with a journalism major and English/sociology minor, and previously wrote for publications that include the Pasco editions of The Tampa Tribune and Tampa Bay Times. A native of Indiana, she lives in Florida.
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