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Notes from the Museums: The Gazebos

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that offers an open view of the surrounding area, typically used for relaxation or entertainment. There are two gazebos on the grounds of the May-Stringer Museum. The white gazebo is the larger structure and offers a view of the yard and east side of the Museum as well as the historic buildings in the area. The garden gazebo sits among the plants and memorials in the tranquil Memory Garden.

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As they do with our homes and businesses, the weather and sun have taken a toll on the gazebos and they are in need of repair. The white one is the larger of the two and needs more work: it needs to be leveled; the cupola needs to be rebuilt; a few boards and skirting need to be replaced; the railings need to be tightened up; and, of course, it needs a new coat of paint.

The entire floor of the garden gazebo needs to be replaced and the bench may also need to be replaced. Paint? Oh, yes! Sponsors and volunteers are being sought to restore the structures. Museum visitors and mermaid hunters enjoy these spots and anything you or an organization you work with can do to help with either donations or labor will be appreciated. Please call 352-799-0129 and leave a message for Mary Sheldon.

The Museum Schedules!
The May-Stringer tours on Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 3pm – 352-799-0129
The 1885 Depot tours on Thursday – Saturday from noon – 3pm – 352-799-4766
The Countryman One Room Schoolhouse Thursday – Saturday from noon – 3pm – 352-515-3054

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