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Freedom and the opportunity to prosper beats equal handouts

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TThe founders of the United States believed when citizens are allowed to follow Biblical laws enforced by representatives with checks and balances, the people would be guaranteed freedoms. They saw them as God-given rights allowing them to reach their desired lifestyle through their choices. These leaders were unique in history as they were settlers from Europe who established their own reputation not by titles or family wealth but through their own efforts and creativity.

The United States has prospered as its people had limited government regulations or other interference in how citizens could earn their money and live. Those who worked long and hard, lived within their means and followed Biblical law did well. There was no need for state welfare as neighbors helped each other in times of hardship.

America has attracted immigrants from all over the world to settle in the land of opportunity. These immigrants lived in their own welcoming ethnic communities. By the third generation, they were accepted as Americans, not as immigrants from another country. They became proud
American citizens.

The draw for past foreigners coming to the USA was not free handouts but the freedom and opportunity to work hard, save, and move up the economic ladder. Their work ethic not only helped these new immigrants but lifted the entire nation. “Made in the USA” was a symbol that translated into quality all over the world. Citizens had pride in their work and nation. Americans established the USA as the greatest country on earth.

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Many of our companies sold out America, either moving their whole operation overseas or outright selling the control of the company to foreign governments, mainly to China. These national conglomerates did not pride themselves on quality control but on their bottom-line profit and dominance.

The pay for low-level workers in communist countries is as low as they can get away with. In these centrally controlled nations, low-level workers make government decreed minimal salaries. There is natural equality in their salaries as there is little innovation or competition in their centrally controlled system. Workers are interchangeable since there is no financial incentive to create or work harder doing the same function as the next guy, as everyone’s salary is low.

Competitive people in a communist nation would be troublemakers as all comrades should follow orders rather than think for themselves or demand rational changes to increase production. Equity is accomplished by everyone receiving the same outcome as everyone else with no incentives to increase production. Equity is a natural communist goal that allows comrades to accept their meager existence as part of being a good communist and not compete with others to improve their personal existence.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) undermines our merit-based economy. A black pilot, Conrad Jules Aska, who was unprepared to fly the airplane, crashed and died. He had not passed any of the simulated skills necessary to prove that he could competently navigate an airplane, yet he was promoted to be a pilot. His family is suing the airlines for his being allowed to fly when had not reached the level of necessary competency to fly. They argued he was put into the position due to the DEI government emphasis. Competency, not diversity, and inclusion, should be the determining factor in hiring a person, especially in a complex, skilled position that determines the life and death of others.

We have seen several airline mishaps in the last few months in major airports in Maui, NYC, Austin, and Los Angeles. There have been almost daily railroad derailments spilling toxic material. In East Palestine, Ohio, there are citizens who suffer serious health effects.

There were also cancellations of all flights for a computer safety system collapse. Recruitment of competent people is lower when you must follow government mandates of diversity and inclusion. This same issue has caused our military readiness to suffer due to the lack of qualified personnel who also qualify using the new government mandates of diversity, equity, and inclusion that are not rooted in merit but in social justice.

America’s greatness as the number one nation in the world for over 75 years was based on our people’s freedom to compete. There were few regulations on starting a business and maintaining it. Government regulations from the top down to establish a nation more compatible with socialistic ones are undermining our exceptionalism.

Immigrants worked hard and smart, climbing the economic ladder. It did not matter if you came from a poor family, a foreign nation, had a physical handicap, or any other unusual background if the individual did a competitive, creative, or innovative job. These people were compensated according to their worth in business, not by meeting arbitrary government social justice mandates.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books, and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN, and a new just published book entitled IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at www.drmaglio.blogspot.com.

Dr. Domenick Maglio
Dr. Domenick Magliohttp://www.drmaglioblogspot.com
Dr. Domenick Maglio holds a Ph.D. in Human Development with more than forty years of experience in the field of education and mental health. During his career, he has worked as a clinical psychologist in the Florida prison system. He served as the director of Hernando County Domestic Violence program for ten years. He also served as the director of Open Door for Mental Health, a program helping mentally ill patients transition from state mental hospitals to the community. He taught for a decade in higher education and served as a board member with the National Independent Private Schools Association.
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