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Book challenge and parental rights

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Culture War wages within Hernando County School District

May 9, 2023 School Board Meeting

Parental Book Concerns 

Mary Mazucco addressed the board at the May 9 meeting to discuss her challenge of a book titled “Is He A Girl?” 

Mazzuco said the book was in the Pine Grove Elementary library in violation of Florida Law and cited Parental Rights Bill HB 1557. Amazon summarizes the book in this way,

When Casey Happleton tells Marvin that if you kiss your elbow, you’ll turn into a girl, Marvin doesn’t believe it. Then Marvin kisses his elbow by accident and starts to feel very strange. He wants pigtails and starts dotting his i’s with little hearts. Could Casey be right? Or is it all in Marvin’s head? You decide!”

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Moms For Liberty allege coverup, emphasize parental rights

Monty Floyd, Vice chairman of the Hernando County chapter of Moms for Liberty, said the organization was founded because parents were fed up with the attacks on parental rights and the efforts of political activists, a very vocal and unstable minority in and out of our schools to groom, indoctrinate, and otherwise target our children. He went on to say that the majority are: 

“… fed up with the politicization in our schools by the woke far left mob, the very same mob that shows up to intimidate parents, attack certain Board members while screeching about their right to talk pronouns, gender, sex, and other topics with minors. The same group continues to insult everyone’s intelligence by saying, “Fox Chapel never happened.” 

Floyd said he stood before the board on behalf of 115 Fox Chapel parents who have come forward to Moms for Liberty to ask for the resignations of anyone on the board or in the district who knowingly engaged in the coverup of what happened at Fox Chapel. 

“If you won’t admit on your own the Wile E. Coyote level of coverup you guys put in place, which failed in epic fashion, at least own that a threat was made. You owe the parents and your constituents that much,” he said. “Parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children, their education, and morality. These are inherent natural rights that do not stop at the classroom door. I find it shocking that we have adults defending the practice of children being exposed to graphic age-inappropriate content, let alone gender-fluid sexual reassignment topics.” 

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