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A letter to graduates

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Dear graduates,

I’m “old school” so my advice comes to you in the form of a letter. You’re about to start another fantastic chapter of your life. Yes, it’s an uncertain and often unsettling world out there after high school but one we all face and overcome. So, what should you remember at this time?
First of all, don’t forget about your family. They helped you get to this moment and would appreciate a kind word, visit, or phone call even when you’re later miles apart.
Second, don’t forget about your friends. You have some great ones, I’m sure. Remember to keep in touch with them as the weeks turn into months and years. Make time for them. New friends will come along but the old ones really hold a special place.
Third, take care of yourself. In the end your overall health will really matter. No one is invincible. Take time for yourself and take good care of your body. It’s the only one you have. It’s meant to last a lifetime with proper use. Remember good health is one part physical, but also equal parts mental and spiritual for a well-rounded life.
And finally, I believe there is a “soul mate” out there for everyone and that you will find yours. That will truly make your life complete.

Best wishes on a bright future ahead!
Judy Warnock, A fellow graduate

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