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God Did That

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Within the unlimited amount of evidence to prove that God is real and the Creator of all things, there is no greater example than the Sun, Earth, and Moon. The average person does not wake up in the morning and rush to the window to see if the sun is going to rise or if the earth is being drawn into a black hole. Neither would anyone jump up and down just to make sure the levels of gravity did not change during the night or if the oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide levels are still maintaining the perfect atmosphere to breathe. God not only created where we live, but He also carefully maintains it. The reliability of time and the seasons, for example, relays a message from God that we can trust Him with everything.

Science has written a library of knowledge about the Sun, Earth, and moon, but no one can fathom why they work together no more than why oxygen gives life to the blood or how the brain can manage every system of our bodies instantly, all at once. Beyond what they are, how do they stay in place?” The Sun is actually a star, and the universe contains an incalculable amount of them. They are of different sizes, and some are even 100 times larger than our Sun. According to the experts, they are luminous balls of gases, mostly hydrogen, and helium, with nuclear fusion at their core to support the masses, which are held together by their own gravity. Beyond what all the celestial bodies are, how do they stay in place?”

If the Sun moved away even a small amount, our planet would be frozen, and if it inched closer, we would be burned to a crisp. The conclusion: We build miniature replicas and hang them with strings, but the only explanation about how these massive round objects remain stationary can be nothing other than the one who made them is holding them there. The Earth has not only been in a precise orbit around the Sun since the beginning, but it also maintains a perfect tilt and a perfect rotational speed. The Moon orbits the Earth exactly every 27.3 days as the Earth and Moon are both moving around the Sun with such preciseness that we can know the exact minute when the Sun will rise and set 100 years from now. Random chance? Hardly. God regulates a bearable temperature with a constant perfect amount of carbon dioxide, as we do not appreciate oxygen until we can’t breathe.

If our planet were a tiny bit smaller or larger, let’s just say that mass affects gravity, and life would not be the same as we enjoy now. All of this and so much more are going on every second, and we rarely stop to even give Him thanks. As technology advances to study the cosmos, the more complex it becomes. The same is true with the vast mysteries of the human body and all living creatures, they are such intricate and perplexing miracles of creation. It’s said the human eye consists of more than two million working parts, and this is just a small component compared to the brain. The most advanced computer cannot compare to the brain, which controls 100 billion neurons communicating with each other constantly.

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When it comes to how the universe began, we’ve heard about how everything we see and know projected outward from this ginormous explosion, and it’s still expanding. This is quite different from the Bible’s account of creation. However, if this is the way God wanted to create the universe billions of years ago, should we argue? The writers of Genesis did not call it a “big bang” because the creation of the entire cosmos and the creation of the Sun, Earth, and Moon are probably two different events. Read the creation account carefully, and you will discover it focuses on our planet and the mention of the heavens refers to multiple atmospheres such as Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere, and Magnetosphere. Could God have formed the Earth billions of years after He created the Universe? Yes! The point is that none of it happened by coincidence. “For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth. Visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him and for Him: and He is before all things, and by Him, all things consist.” Colossians 1:16-17.

Dr. Billy Holland is an ordained minister, community chaplain, and Christian author. Read more about God and the Christian life at billyhollandministries.com

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