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Commissioners amend the Protection from Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators ordinance

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Definition of “display” was removed, and specific types of prohibited displays were added

Board Chairman John Allocco said he requested changes to the ordinance due to his concern that there was “ambiguity” in the ordinance’s wording that left certain language open to interpretation. Allocco sought clarification after he was contacted by citizens who wanted to ensure they followed the ordinance correctly. Allocco said it was important that those trying to follow the ordinance and improve their lives did not run into a snag.
The changes applied to “seasonal or holiday displays” on the exterior of any sexual offender or sexual predator’s premises. Deleted from the ordinance was the previous definition of “display,” which referred to decorations in plain view of the public which were targeted toward children. There was no wording in the amendment to replace the definition.

A requirement pertaining to Halloween, which required sex offenders to place a “No Candy or Treats Here” sign on their premises, was also stricken from the ordinance. Another section of the regulation, which rather ambiguously stated that an offender could not have any display “designed to attract or entice children,” was removed and replaced by more specific language to specify the types of displays prohibited. Some of the prohibited displays include inflatables, holograms, projections, displays over six feet high, interactive displays, displays that include a fictitious character, and decorations or displays that line a path to the door of the residence. The revision went on to state that enforcement of the ordinance was not limited to the “actual calendar date of any given nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice.”
County attorney Jon Jouben said the changes also included removing language specifying a registration fee, as the Sheriff’s Department does not charge a registration fee to sex offenders.

While the motion to approve the ordinance changes passed, Commissioner Brian Hawkins voted against the measure without further discussion.

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