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‘DOEs’ Must Go for Our Nation to Shine

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In light of the nationwide, and worldwide political agenda that claims that its sole concern is with the environment and natural resources, it is important for every man and woman to be able to discern between certain realities and fiction regarding our physical world.

Specifically, the theories about nature and the ecosystem that form the basis for the environmental movement are false, and it is therefore important to understand exactly how they are false. This requires a concrete, working knowledge of some aspects of nature and the environment, which the movement itself does not teach.

The present environmental movement had its genesis in the late 1980s, and its policies have been at work in the federal government and also in partnership with state and local governments since 1993, with the election of Bill Clinton. Over the years, it has been known by different names, such as Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and most recently, the Green New Deal. It is the same package with a different label and different wrapping paper. For clarity, it will be consistently referred to in this article as the “Green New Deal.”

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When an over-arching, national or global agenda’s aim is to achieve illegitimate control over a nation, it must do so by
1. greatly emphasizing or exaggerating certain facts,
2. concealing or suppressing other facts, and
3. outright lies.

In order to further the premise and tenets of the movement, its propagators have sought to capture the minds of students, teachers, NGO figures, politicians and pop culture in order to garner support for its cause. One of the primary, most effective means of doing this is through control of the education system. Specifically, it has controlled what has been taught in science in the public school system’s curriculum since the 1990s. The groundwork that made this possible was the establishment of a single, federal “Department of Education.” This department was not formed until 1978 under President Jimmy Carter. For the first time, it became possible for a small group of central, “top-down” planners to blanket the entire country with one particular perspective on science and the physical world.

Prior to this, the public school system was controlled and funded primarily by state and local governments. Individual schools and teachers thus had more varied yet more trustworthy sources from which to draw for their students’ education. This also meant that no tax money went to the federal government for education, making its budget much smaller.

When education is nationalized, as it was under Jimmy Carter, it becomes much easier by way of its structure for the entire system to be manipulated and steered by a handful of people whose priorities and values are not those of the nation at large, nor in its best interest. This is what eventually allowed the environmental agenda and its proponents to influence the entire public school system and, therefore, the minds of future Americans.

In the same year that the federal Department of Education was formed, another federal agency was also formed, called the “Department of Energy.” This made 1978 the first year in our nation’s history that the federal government attempted to monitor and control both our entire education system and our nation’s natural resources. Is it a coincidence that these two particular departments appeared at the same time?

It could be reasonably said that these two departments became the two arms, or two prongs, for the furtherance of the Green New Deal in the American government and economy. The Department of Education is the educational/propaganda arm and the Department of Energy is the enforcement arm.

The opposition to these departments and the agenda they serve to further is not due to a lack of concern for education or the environment. On the contrary, the opposition to this type of federal control is, in fact, due to holding these two priorities in utmost importance. It is an increasingly recognized fact that the federal government does virtually nothing as well or as efficiently as the states and private sector.

In contrast, stable families or individuals, churches, cities and towns that uphold justice, where people live in their original areas for a longer time, have strong roots and are civic-minded. In areas where people have strong roots, there is a strong sense of stewardship and regard for nature and the land- this is the American way of assuring the preservation of our land and environment in every area of the country and quality of education.

These are realities that both Democrats and many ‘business-only’ Republicans do not like to hear.

With any form of government, in any society, many possible problems, bad ideas, or bad leadership can be had in the spheres of education and the environment. With this basic reality in mind, one of the largest problems with centralized federal control, contrasted with state and local control, can be seen in the two wiring designs for strands of Christmas lights. One type of wiring was known as “series” wiring. With this design, if only one light burns out on a strand of hundreds of lights, it affects the entire strand and it stops working. If this strand happens to be connected with a larger network of strands of the same kind, as in a complete Christmas display, if just one or two lights go bad, much if not all of the entire display stops working.

Now for the other design. This is known as “parallel” wiring. With this design, each light’s power/ability to work is independent of that of another light on the same strand. Therefore, if one light, two or even a half dozen lights go bad, the rest of the strand remains lit anyway. It does not take much imagination to understand the almost inestimable advantages of the parallel design over the series.

The same principle holds true with regard to large, central government control, compared to when the power and authority are decentralized and shared by thousands of smaller state and local authorities. With central, federal control, like the unfortunate strand of Christmas lights, when the one deciding entity goes bad, the entire country can quickly go dark. With autonomous state and local control/power, when one or even a handful of these smaller entities goes bad or has a problem, the problem is manageable, and the rest of the nation can still shine.

For these and other reasons, two of the federal departments that need to be dissolved as soon as possible are the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. This can be done when both Congressional chambers have large majorities of patriots who want to Make America Great Again.

The next article will begin to cover specific priorities and answers related to the environment, contrasted with the “Green New Deal” and its many accompanying schemes.

Alex Doss is a musician and involved in piano technology in the Hernando county area, especially prior to 2020, and also has other areas of interest and knowledge.

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