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Greatest Love Stories Competition: Brenda and Bob

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By Bob Rosengrant

It was that magical time of the year and love was in the air. You know that period that begins right after Halloween and the stores are decorated for Christmas. Love was in the air…. “hogwash”, I thought that was the last thing a grumpy, 84-year-old bachelor of 25 years has on his mind. A couple of ladies living down the street were at my door inviting me to a Christmas Party at their home. My thought was, Hell, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. But in the spirit of the season, I accepted an invitation to this early (before Thanksgiving) Christmas party with the prospect of a free dinner. Also, maybe I would meet someone close to my age with similar interests.

I arrived at the door with the customary bottle of wine under my arm and was met by the host, Pat and Sue, who were very nice ladies but not necessarily my type.

“Merry Christmas, Pat and Sue” I said as I hesitantly let go the bottle of wine.

They greeted me in like fashion and ordered me to make myself at home. I sat nursing my glass of wine in a wonderfully comfortable chair and introduced to new arrivals as they came through the door. I found nobody interesting, I found a nice quiet corner to sit to avoid the ritual of being pleasant to people I did not know. It was interesting though to watch the guests stuffing their faces with food and swilling holiday beverages. Happy Holidays, yeah, right!

By eight o’clock and I was ready to make my exit from the party after enjoying some wonderful food. I longed for the solitude of my home around the corner. I began weaving my way through the revelers to find the host for the necessary niceties of thanking them for a lovely evening.

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Suddenly someone caught my eye. She stood out from the rest of the people in room, a goddess in a flowing silvery outfit that reflected well with her silver hair piled high on her head. I could not believe my eyes. How did I miss seeing her earlier? I had to know who this beautiful woman is. Turned my attention back to my hosts, who were waiting for me to excuse myself. I excitedly blurted out “Who is that!” pointing out the shining beauty that had aroused my attention.

Pat said, “Oh, that’s Brenda.”

I wanted all the details they could give me about Brenda. When I looked in her direction again, I noticed a sour faced gentleman was with her, talking her ear off.

“I guess that’s her husband with her” I queried Pat.

“No, just a date, I think. She is single.”

“Really!” I said, incredulously, “Please, Pat what is her phone number?”

“I really cannot do that, You can give her yours and I will pass it along to her.”

I handed Pat my card and went home a little unhappy, but had high hopes she would give me a call.

Well, that was November 2014 and I suffered through a Christmas with my family. It was the same every year but did enjoy my grandchildren. The months flew by, and the most romantic season of the year, Spring passed uneventfully by, Phooey! What a load of c….!

Mid-summer in Florida, its hot and humid, probably the most unromantic time of the year. I was out pressure washing my driveway. My raggedly old shorts were soaked as well as my oldest, favorite T-shirt with sweat and hose water. The mail carrier passed by my mailbox. No mail. Well, no bills anyway. About that time a tall woman in a bathrobe of sorts, came running up the sidewalk, hollering and waving an envelope, chiding me to hold the mail carrier. She breezed by me gave her envelope and turned around back up the walkway, “Thanks,” she said as she passed by me and rounded the corner at the end of the street. “What the hell was that” I thought, then continued my pressure washing.

I was relaxed in my recliner, sipping a beer and watching a Rays game on the TV.

My phone rang (a landline. I did not have a cell yet) in the kitchen. I swore as I got up to answer it knowing it would be a solicitor on the other end. ‘Hello, and what do you want?” I grumpily answered the phone. The pleasant voice on the other end said, “My name is Brenda”, before she could say anymore, I said, “Whatever your selling, I don’t want it, and began to hand up. “Wait! Wait!” she said, excitedly. Pat gave me your number and said you wanted me to call you.

“Pat, who?” I said. It was at last year’s Christmas Party…before she could say more I thought wow! The Silver Haired Goddess.

After our phone conversation we made a dinner date for July 1. We went to dinner that night at a very pricey restaurant of her choice. High maintenance, I thought. But we talked a lot at dinner and found we had some attraction for each other.

After dating a short time, Brenda informed me she would be going on a trip to Italy. “Really, “I said. “Can I accompany you.” She informed me that the tour was full and no chance of coming along. Now that was not going to stop me. I contacted the travel agent and managed to get a vacancy on the trip if I could get my passport and pay for the trip by the next day. Well, love has no boundaries and I managed to get on the tour. After the most romantic trip I have ever experienced, I knew this was the woman for me. We continued our dating after Italy. We sold our villas and bought a home together. After our first date on July 1, 2015, we got married on July 1, 2016 at the Lexington Oaks golf course with all our family and friends present and wishing us well.

My friends call me a cradle snatcher since Brenda is 16 years younger than I, but who’s counting when you fall in love at any age. I don’t think I am the same Grumpy old man I was back then. Oh! And by the way..remember that crazy woman in the bathrobe chasing the mail carrier? Guess who that was…my “silver haired goddess.

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